Videoleap v1.13.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

App NameVideoleap Mod Apk
App Versionv1.13.2
App Size100mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated16,July,2023

Videoleap will help users interact with any video or image in a sophisticated and professional manner despite its absolute simplicity in the control mechanism. It also focuses on introducing engaging content for users to bring their ideas to life and splendor and expand their creativity towards video editing. In addition, it regularly updates many new things to expand everyone’s editing capabilities to new heights.


A flexible interface and sophisticated design will welcome first-time users to Videoleap Editor, creating video or photo masterpieces with new extensions. All the content available in the device will be at the homepage, and users will have comprehensive access to each key feature or function with just simple operations. Meanwhile, its working interface is also convenient and superior, with ample space and a perfect layout for each content.


The most outstanding function of the entire application is its superior editing ability, thanks to the help of AIs to significantly improve the visual or frame quality. It also introduces more unique features for users to become more creative, like glitter effect, slow motion, add music, etc. Each piece of content has its depth, but the ability to edit appropriately stands out and has a lot of user interaction.


The AI ​​tools that Videoleap Editor introduces can assist users in real-time, whether automated or manual interaction. Of course, users can customize their performance in various ways, including optimizing the system or automatically changing particles based on the movement. Thanks to AI-powered tools, the experience or accuracy of video editing is greatly enhanced, helping users to edit more efficiently.


Filters are important if users want to create a new beauty for each frame or the entire video. Filters will automatically change the entire specified overview color, thereby replacing small and simple changes to create a new beauty for the entire video, among other things. Meanwhile, users can customize the filters to get more unique results from the available creativity.


If the filters are still not enough to make the video stand out, then Videoleap Editor will introduce dense visual effects for users to bring the videos to life. The good thing is that it supports multi-layers, so inserting, changing, and customizing effects or other factors is simpler and more convenient than ever. Of course, users can create many outstanding presets to apply to other videos and show off their unique style of using effects and filters.


Sound is also an essential element if users want to enhance the audience’s excitement for some particular context. Fortunately, the application has a huge library of sound effects for users to freely add to each video segment, even importing from the local directory for personal projects. After adding audio content, users can synchronize visual and audio together to improve video quality.

Videoleap Editor is designed with absolute simplicity to be easily accessible to users while providing them with a wide range of features and professional tools for editing. Depending on each user’s unique usage style or editing style, they can customize or personalize the entire application creatively and vividly.


  • Compositing using a green screen or chroma key.
  • Fit or chop video clips to fit the format – put videos on a blank or colored canvas to show how they were created.
  • Video editing that is non-destructive while maintaining the original high-quality resolution.
  • There is an unlimited number of undos and redos.
  • Incorporate a picture or an introduction into the video (without a watermark).
  • An intuitive timeline with zoom for frame-by-frame accuracy is provided.
  • Video may be rotated or cropped.
  • Prism, Defocus, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration, Slow Motion, and many more effects are available to use. Examine the evolution of your footage as you apply effect after effect.
  • Text: a wide range of fonts, emojis, shadows, colors, opacity, and blending options are available.
  • Every situation calls for a unique and customizable film filter.
  • Combine movies and photos to create double exposures and creative effects like a pro using this app. Editing using layers is now possible! Add films, effects, text, and photos, and then rearrange them in any way you like.
  • Layers may be customized using transformations, masking, and blending modes. Your clips will benefit from the use of flawless, cinematic transitions.
  • Slow motion or quicker transitions may be achieved by adjusting the speed. Clip editing includes the following operations: cut, trim, split, duplicate, flip, mirror, and transform.
  • Color correction involves adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of a color. Filters should be used.
  • Automatically adjust aspect ratio and clip fit, as well as loop videos. Change the color of your backdrop to suit your needs.
  • Make adjustments to the audio fade in and fade out. Control the volume and pace of the music. Adding music to a photograph will allow you to create an Instagram story.

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