UC Browser v13.4.0.1306 APK + MOD (Many Feature)

App NameUC Browser Mod Apk
App Versionv13.4.0.1306
App Size60mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated21,Dec,2022

UC Browser is now the most brilliant and most popular web browser. It allows you to access websites to enjoy movies, music easily, and online newspapers constantly updated with information. Thanks to this application, you will never encounter any obstacles or problems while using the website. This is considered to be the smoothest application you have ever known.


Currently, with the recently updated version, UC Browser brings in a few new upgrades that are optimized and more modern than the old one. We are using the U4 feature developed by AUSTRALIA. With this, you will improve up to 20% of the line speed when accessing the website. Not only that, this application will help users protect personal information more securely than ever. Besides, the storage management system is also much more standard.


You’ll be amazed at how fast you can download data to mobile devices with UC Browser. The server will help speed up this process as much as possible and keep the performance stable. However, if we encounter a problem from a third party, we will immediately stop the thorough testing process again and start downloading with the user’s consent. In particular, it will continue to download right at the point where it stopped, so you can enjoy the content that needs to load significantly faster.


If you are admiring an extremely attractive video, do you receive a message from your family or lover? Is it okay if you still want to watch videos and have great conversations with them? The answer that we give you is entirely normal. You can turn on play minimized to take the currently playing video window away from the main web page and intelligently automatically dock on top of the screen.


Not only that, but you can also listen to music and enjoy videos while doing many other things at the same time on your phone. This feature UC Browser calls playing video in the background. In addition, this application is more special than other applications of the same genre in that the more you browse the website, the more data you will save. This is possible thanks to intelligent data compression to speed up navigation.


If you want to visit a website but don’t let the app homepage capture your personal information because of certain conditions, then UC Browser helps you with incognito mode. With this mode, the entire history up to the cache is not saved anywhere. With it, users will have private experiences without being detected by anyone.


Besides accessing smooth websites for unlimited beautiful experiences, we also offer users the feature to block all spam ads from third parties. The application knows that you do not want it to appear in the process of enjoying videos, music, news, and feeling annoying, so when it launched this feature, it received a lot of good reviews. Not stopping there so that users do not have eye pain affecting the health of their eyes, the application offers a night mode to make you more comfortable.

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