TickTick v6.6.3.1 APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameTickTick Mod Apk
App Version6.6.3.1
App Size40mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated09,June,2023

TickTick does an excellent job of a leading application for work and life when it successfully completes recording tasks, systematically reminding the bookmarked content. Smarter to show more thumbnails in the task list and to number the to-dos more quickly. An urgently formed matrix will record the number of jobs for a day or even a month; any completed information is automatically discarded.


For those users who use TickTick on multiple devices, synchronizing accounts on all of them is necessary because it would be highly convenient to log and track work progress. Any information that was entered in the original system will be backed up to the new device, and the record will not change; when you operate on any device, the prompt will appear there.


It will take some time to type in the information you need to remember into the whiteboard, creating a complex system of time frames and dates to remind you precisely what is mentioned. That’s why users will not need to manipulate too much; just once you enter information, all notifications will be automatically set to ensure the correct execution of your work schedule.


Each text entered in TickTick is typed from the device’s virtual keyboard or recorded by voice. Flexible changes for the best experience. The smart touch system will properly record what is being played and take the next steps without a command from you.

Now, users don’t need to memorize all the information; they just enter it. Don’t miss any activities! The alarm task will be assigned to their watch, as a creative improvement, like a multi-function machine that can do the same thing as an alarm report important content.


In parallel with a calendar full of dates, TickTick adds a new task item that needs to be solved at a specific time. For repetitive jobs, a virtual key will help you fill in multiple fields of the job’s content at once, saving you a little more time. This is the ultimate calendar, Plan ahead and find the perfect space for off-the-beaten-path activities.


To optimize technology, apply it to life, and make things happen positively. If you find it compelling, share it with your friends to experience it together! The habit of specific planning for the day, week, or month will make your life less cluttered, important content not to be missed, and especially, you can understand the amount of time needed for side activities.

TickTick is best for heavy workload users, suitable for note-taking, calendar creation, and reminders regularly, accurately every day. Small screen support can open the application on the main screen or any other running application. Manage your time and life better, experience, and leave a review! We promise a better version will be released in the future!


An indispensable feature in to-do applications like TickTick is that you will be reminded by the application not to skip a task. This feature is handy in many cases when you will not actively check notifications. From there, the things to do will constantly appear in front of you right when you set. Of course, sometimes you can select the reminder time earlier than it is to give yourself time to prepare for your new job.

One feature that you will appreciate in the app is a focus timer, and it will have a set time to conduct a countdown, and you will try to focus during that time. It can be said that it perfectly fits the Pomodoro method when you do a job for a long time. At the same time, you will be able to conveniently work for a specified period, take a break for a few minutes, and then continue. It will help you to focus more on your work.


An impressive point that helps you control your work anytime, anywhere in the application can be used. What you set up inside the app will be synced across web platforms, Android to PC. From there, you will be able to check your work when you go to a new platform to continue your unfinished task list. In addition, the application also supports widgets so that users can conveniently monitor their progress.

Streamline your work with the following features:

– Improved interface and convenience in observing work.
– Organize tasks by date and track them easily.
– Synchronization between different platforms helps to keep the job done.
– Suitable for performing the Pomodoro method.

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