Storage Space v26.3.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameStorage Space Mod Apk
App Versionv26.3.5
App Size5mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated10,Feb,2024

Sometimes intelligent electronic devices, specifically your phone, will lead to memory bottlenecks and can’t store anymore after a long time of use and containing too much data. Therefore, you need to find an application that contains useful features so that you can find a method to increase the memory without spending too much time. Then this app is definitely a must-have in your collection.


Surely you are one of those using smartphones, so if your phone is having memory problems and the phone capacity is no longer available, Storage Space will be your savior. Here will contain all the features you need and help to make your phone space more spacious and store files without worrying about running out of space.

The application is designed with a simple interface so you can quickly get used to it and search for the features you want. In addition, before you start using it, you can see an overview of the storage space of your memory, and the application will display the free space for your files.


If you download too many applications, but the memory is not enough, and you need to download more, then Storage Space will support you to have more space and download more applications you need. Most users will try to delete the application’s data, but it is not very satisfactory and consumes a lot of users’ time when they have to repeat such operations without adding much space.

This application will help you to provide links to uninstall unnecessary or unused applications and clear cache and occupied memory. This will help your phone reduce weight and operate smoothly because it no longer contains junk data.


One thing that always annoys smartphone users is that junk files always appear, but sometimes you don’t detect them and don’t have time to delete them, so the file manager feature will help you do it. Downloading your favorite documents or music will also take up a lot of memory, so this application will free up space for you, along with cleaning up all junk files and moving files around.

Now you no longer have to worry about issues like running out of space or junk files taking up too much space. Plus, they’ll take you to new storage places, including google drive, USB drives, and more, and you don’t have to worry about your documents getting lost somewhere.


Storage Space will bring users super attractive features so that you can comfortably experience and be satisfied with what the application has to offer. A small tip when using this storage spacer is that you can freely add widgets inside the home screen to conveniently observe and know the free space quickly without having to open the application.

In addition, whether your phone is 32GB or 64GB is no longer a problem because the application has opened up comfortable storage space for you. However, you need to grant usage and storage permissions to be able to delete unimportant files still in the device and remove apps that you don’t use.


  • Free up memory space and solve common errors. If your phone does not have enough space to store your data and images, the application will meet all your needs
  • Eliminate space bottlenecks when the smart electronic device you are using has too little memory to carry many files and search for the features you want
  • Support with many different utilities besides helping you not to spend a lot of time deleting application data, but instead, the application will remove unnecessary applications and data for you.
  • Help the phone reduce weight and work more productively because the appearance of junk files will sometimes take up a lot of space and cause lag if users do not know how to handle it in time.
  • Move files to google drive, USB drive, and more. Plus, you can enable widget mode to show how much space is available without having to go into the app

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