SmartNews v23.11.20 b775 MOD APK (Optimized/No ADS)

App NameSmartNews Mod Apk
App Versionv23.11.20 b775
App Size35mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated12,Feb,2024

SmartNews provides a vast amount of information on various topics in both foreign and local news categories. You can easily find the information you want in many ways, from searching to using the provided tags. At the same time, the variety of information comes from the fact that many newspapers and publishers are associated with the application; certainly, the application will quickly update hot issues with notifications.


As for the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, users can quickly update information on this matter on SmartNews. It can be said that this is an issue that many people are interested in today, and the application provides many features for your convenience in reading the information sent directly. At the same time, the application also adds new publishers to help you update more information that you are interested in today.


When you start using SmartNews, you will certainly not have too many difficulties accessing the applicationÔÇÖs features. Users will be able to find different tabs, and each has a feature that anyone cannot ignore. At the same time, any newspaper application can find search facilities from manual to filter. Therefore, they can easily access the information they care about in large quantities.


As mentioned above, you can find the information you find in SmartNews, and the essential feature to do this is to enter keywords. You will find a search bar displayed, and you need to enter the topic you want. Also, there are tags at the bottom, and when you tap on them, the respective topics will be filtered out easily. So you can completely take advantage of these two ways of searching for reading the news you want.


One of the notable factors when using SmartNews is that the application links to different newspapers and publishers. So you can imagine the quality and quantity of news and articles you can read. The same topic, but the style of each newspaper will be different so you can find many different views on an issue. Of course, it is entirely possible to update new news with a diverse number of publishers.


The application clearly distinguishes between domestic and foreign information, and you can switch between them easily. For foreign countries, a situation related to specific countries like the US will become a tag so you can find relevant information with just one touch. You can find a local tab where there will be information in your countries, such as crime, weather, and other helpful information.


When you use many applications, you will certainly get in the habit of updating new information, and this update often happens in different ways. You can directly access and automatically search for new information that interests you daily. At the same time, some hot and influential information will be sent to you through a notification, so you have instant access to read it and find out what is going on.


Reading newspapers is not only limited to reading online, but you can read your favorite newspapers anywhere you want. Unlike reading on the internet, you need to prepare many articles before switching the application to offline mode. It is completely understandable and does not take too much time to implement, and then you can safely read it at any time and place, especially when you have some free time.

Users will be impressed with the news that this application brings:

  • Users can fully find the latest news published by leading newspapers and publishers to stay updated on a topic that interests them.
  • Finding new information is made easy when they can do a manual search or use the tags provided by the application.
  • The newspapers and publishers are diverse and will bring you a lot of helpful information, and you can switch between foreign and local news.
  • You can find the latest information from the notifications sent by the application and can read them offline anywhere you want.
  • The application provides some content related to Russia and Ukraine issues and new publishers appearing in the latest version.

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