Reverso Translate and Learn v11.8.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameReverso Translate and Learn Mod Apk
App Versionv11.8.6
App Size65M
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated19,July,2023

Reverso Translate and Learn is an app in the Book &Reference category as its name; the application offers a mission to help those who are looking to hone their language know more about new knowledge about English. Developed and manufactured by Reverso Technologies Inc. with many superior features support users in a detailed way to be able to contact foreign languages quickly. There is no denying that this is an application with useful features and fully meets users’ needs.


With a simple interface, the manufacturer focuses on the highest possible academic part. Users simply enter the word to translate into the search frame for synonyms or have suggested words that will appear for users to choose. Like many other applications, Reverso Translate and Learn will have a keyword and spelling for users to learn and read from. In addition, when the user presses the arrow button next to it, the adjectives, adjectives, nouns can be learned in various cases.

More specifically, the application has synonyms for readers to refer to the additional knowledge; those words are arranged into tables so that they can easily observe and find the words they want to use. Examples will appear below the screen so that users can apply them according to the circumstances, learning to go hand in hand with the onion. The example sentences make it possible for the user to apply those sentences in the right context.


After finding the meaning of the words, you can save the words you often use or like so that users can easily find the words they like. The advanced feature of the app is quite interesting in that you can find idiom sentences through the search word or transfer it to a language other than English, which is a fairly effective method of bilingual learning.

Not only does the application have an exercise section so that users can review and practice the frequency of using that word more, but such repetition also helps the user’s brain to remember longer; learning other languages is based and memorization. Learning by observation is not enough; the application also allows users to hear those words with different accents; users will not be embarrassed when communicating with foreigners; this is a fairly effective way of learning communication of the application.

In addition to word-for-word translation, the app allows you to translate both paragraphs, with the ability to translate literally and realistically, or users can change this paragraph to a text of equal significance. There are two main interfaces for users to choose from bright interface and dark interface; users can personalize their application to their liking. Applications such as foreign language books you can easily grasp in your hands. With your special features, the application is the first choice of users when you want to be exposed to a foreign language. It is being appreciated on the application platform; let’s download the app and experience to make diverse comments about it!

Key Feature

  • The application has a high accurate translation feature, close translation to help users easily apply.
  • Translate paragraphs into English correctly and translate them into a similar paragraph that users can refer to.
  • Contrary meanings and practical examples are the strong points of application that help users increase their ability to apply words.
  • The dark interface makes it possible for users to personalize their app like a real book.
  • Read those words in various accents so that users can apply them to communicate without being embarrassed when encountering them in different cases.

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