PaperSplash PRO v2.0.1-Build.143 APK (Patched)

App NamePaperSplash PRO Mod Apk
App Versionv2.0.1
App Size16mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated26,Dec,2022

PaperSlash PRO is one of the awesome products that help you create exciting wallpapers. This is the application of creativity, and you can freely design or choose the available ones. The application has a lot of unique features, accompanied by specific editing tools to help users manipulate. The main highlight is the wide range of wallpapers available in the application that will provide users with their own colors to meet modern needs.


The application shows us the growth of the wallpaper, and we can choose it at any time. Users can make a series of requests themselves and immediately choose one of those featured wallpapers. Wallpaper according to each theme, according to each work purpose, and suitable for all needs.


The attraction in PaperSplash PRO is that users can see the themed division of the wallpapers. Users only need to provide the requirements and desired themes, then a series of wallpapers will be given. The novel theme combined with the growth of the wallpaper will make you see the application’s attractiveness.


Users are always delighted with the trendy color schemes along with the featured color palettes found only in the application. The point that we feel most like is that users can rely on the color calibration table to come up with a series of new formulas that create harmony in color.


The application will have the main feature that allows users to design their own wallpapers. Each wallpaper that you create will significantly contribute to making the application’s collection even more powerful.


We always clearly see the quality of the wallpaper in the app is highly appreciated. It has the ability to easily import and export without losing the inherent definition of the wallpaper. This will also help us see clearly that the application is growing in all aspects.

Some features:

– Create featured wallpapers with new creations to help make the app stand out.
– Always put a strong emphasis on quality and the unique shapes in it to lead to a great product.
– The variety of wallpapers available and the growth of each theme will help you see its characteristics.
– Simple design to make it easy for users to design themselves and always love this design.
– Use a typical color scheme to create a highlight for the wallpaper this time and the next.

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