Oxford Dictionary of English v15.2.1035 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameOxford Dictionary Mod Apk
App Versionv15.2.1035
App Size29mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated11,Feb,2024

Users experience a perfect learning space to help you learn more. The application gives you a vibrant treasure of English vocabulary accompanied by pronunciations of commonly used phrases. Users can enjoy extremely new things and absorb more knowledge. Oxford Dictionary of English supports you to develop your English level more. This application is very widely used and suitable for all audiences. Those who want to learn English can look it up in this application.


Coming to Oxford Dictionary of English, users can search and use various words. The application provides more than 350000 words along with more than hundreds of related and widely used phrases. In addition, users can also look up many new words, and the system also displays words and phrases related to the searched word. The application clearly noted each word with a different pronunciation or has words with similar pronunciation. That makes it easier for you to learn and absorb new words.


Such a rich and diverse vocabulary creates a vast learning environment full of all the information you want to find. Users improve and expand their vocabulary more thanks to this application. You just need to be diligent work hard to learn a few new words a day; it won’t be long before you have a diverse vocabulary of your own. At the same time, you can also search for a variety of study topics and learn words and phrases commonly used by native speakers.


When using Oxford Dictionary of English, users are free to search for anything they want. The application supports you to search for words that you do not know exactly. This is extremely convenient to help you find the words you need but don’t remember clearly. Not only that, but the application also supports search engines and voice. Thanks to this feature, users can save more time and effort when searching. For words that you do not remember clearly, you can insert simple characters so that the system can search for them on your behalf.


Users can also list and list favorite words and put them in an appropriate list for easier search. New words you learn as well as frequently used phrases, can also be classified into different categories to make it easier to find them. The words you searched recently are also saved in the history box by the system. Thanks to self-created lists like these, users will easily find and review those words.


The application opens a wonderful interface that is extremely eye-catching in front of the user’s eyes. It creates a strong motivation for users to be more interested in learning English. A reasonable layout creates a comfortable feeling for users and helps them have a perfect learning experience. Users are allowed to adjust the colors and layouts in the application to their liking. At the same time, you are also allowed to share words through different applications. Users can access the learning data without limitations.


  • Opens up a vast vocabulary with a rich and diverse vocabulary, and the application also provides many more commonly used phrases and native speakers.
  • Allow access to all new words without limitation and have a very standard pronunciation system to help you improve your speaking, pronunciation, and pronunciation skills.
  • Bringing many exciting stories with many different topics so that you can comfortably study and absorb more vocabulary without too much pressure and restraint.
  • Help users improve their own English skills and make their vocabulary more prosperous. At the same time, the application is constantly updating with many different new words to support their search.
  • Support to search for words and phrases through many different forms; users are allowed to search words through voice sensors or search for words that they don’t remember in detail quickly.
  • Statistics of the words you have searched and your favorite words into appropriate categories so that you can effortlessly search and review the lesson.

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