Money Manager: Expense tracker v3.5.4 APK (Patched)

App NameMoney Manager Mod Apk
App Versionv3.5.4
App Size37mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated15,Dec,2022

If you are having a headache because you are always running out of money at the end of the month or haven’t used up all the money you have seen, that’s when you need a spending manager. Money Manager is like a personal accountant to help plan your income and expenses. From there, you will discover where your spending is wrong and change the way you live. Save more for big goals.


In Money Manager, users will enter information related to their income and expenditure levels or link to SMS information about their bank accounts. The application will generate a specific report of your income, and the information will be automatically updated by the bank instead of entering it manually. After collecting the information, a report with detailed charts will be sent to you. Users can detect defects in daily income and expenditure through the report and gradually modify it to make spending more reasonable.


Your account is set up with a system that automatically imports data from your bank and creates a table of data. To secure personal information, users can use many keys such as security passwords or fingerprint locks. Thanks to the multi-layered security system, all personal information is stored securely and not stolen. This is one thing that makes users trust and use this application.


This is a new version with upgraded features. The currency you use is no longer restricted because the app has updated to “multi-currency.” With this feature, you can manage your money with this app no matter what country you are in. In addition, a night mode that reduces screen brightness has also been set, and it will help you better protect your eyes. The app’s information will also be backed up and restored when you change to another device!


  • Become a tool to control and report your income and spending every day. Backing up and restoring any data is simple
  • Choose to link with the bank’s SNS message to control revenue and expenditure automatically instead of complicated manual input
  • Find holes in the consumption history so that, from there, build a new consumption plan and eliminate unnecessary items
  • Set up multiple smart locks with passcode or fingerprint to protect your account and personal information, avoid data theft
  • Multi-currency helps to use the application with many different currencies, night mode

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