Mobizen Screen Recorder v3.9.5.23 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App NameMobizen Screen Recorder Mod Apk
App Versionv3.9.5.23
App Size45mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated24,July,2023

Mobizen is a versatile and useful screen recorder for creating loads of interesting content or capturing screen moments you want to share with everyone. It also comes with great utilities and supports to maximize productivity and bring surprises when recording while gaming.

Screen recorder is now a widely used tool by many users to help them save every moment on the screen and extract it into a video. The app also has a useful screenshot feature with various customizations for everyone to create a variety of high-quality and carefully cropped photos. Also, its included video editor is perfect and has all the features or amenities you need to make a complete video, like sound, effects, and more. You can also upgrade the app to access many premium and high-quality features that make video production more convenient and efficient. If you are looking for an application that helps you make creative or important videos, this application will be the top candidate with good capabilities and effective adaptations.


The priority of the application is to give absolute user friendliness when using or to integrate it into the system, notification bar, and many other places of the device. That allows users to access amenities or functions quickly and can directly record without visiting the native app to activate. You can also customize the basic operations or access yourself for the most interesting possibilities to suit your style while effectively saving time to record or complete a video.


When you activate the application via the notification bar or the shortcuts, a bubble will automatically appear in the corner of the screen and pack all the necessary features for operation. That includes video recording, screen capture, and many other elements for you to interact directly and capture moments on the screen. Of course, you can directly access the settings and personalize the bubble to optimize every action and save the workspace to avoid taking up all the important areas of the screen.


The recording process will also appear with many additional features or special settings for you to interact with the screen recorder easily. You can manually trim unnecessary parts without editing through the stop or resume feature. Besides, you can directly record any internal sounds without being affected by the environment. If you want, recording can be limited to an application or window instead of the entire screen, making the process smoother for viewers and producing high-quality video.


The application can utilize all the features or performance of the system to meet any need or enhance everyone’s usage experience to the next level. That includes activating the front or back camera during recording to deliver creative videos or funny content. Through it, you can directly record yourself and the content on the screen without overlapping and edit them to have facetime videos that match the content you are working on.


If you want to emphasize important things or focus the viewer’s attention on the video, the application will introduce the draw feature with various pens and colors. A drawing board will appear during recording without overlaying the main content, allowing you to highlight key content with multiple colors through layers directly. You can delete or resize the drawings simply and flexibly without stopping the video or recording from creating a two-way interaction with the viewers.


In addition to recording, the application also integrates a flexible and advanced editor so you can refine any video and add appropriate content. That includes adding intros, outro, visual effects, texts, background music, and more to make the video perfect and complete, ready for community upload. The video editing system can also be customized to suit each person’s preferences to maximize productivity or take creativity to the next level.


The function of creating GIFs or memes is currently a strong trend, and people are responding enthusiastically to bring endless joy to everyone or viewers. The GIF function can be directly extracted from any video that users love to emphasize certain content or humor. Meanwhile, the meme does the opposite, and it has many of the necessary facilities for you to add text to the image or create the space needed to add emojis or other content.


Music is widely used in most videos, and you can add custom sounds or songs not supported in the app’s library. That makes creating videos more unique and comfortable instead of involving copyright issues and even more attractive to viewers when everything is custom-made. Apart from that, the application can also extract audio from videos and allow users to use them for any video or frame with agility directly.

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