Malwarebytes Security v5.4.0+99 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameMalwarebytes Security Mod Apk
App Versionv5.4.0
App Size42mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated10,Feb,2024

Malwarebytes Security is an application that helps you protect your device when using apps or websites easily. You can easily find scanning and protection settings to increase protection and the proper case for the application to operate. Also, you won’t need to worry about distractions while using the app, and the app offers versions suitable for all types of devices.


Users often face many difficulties when using an open operating system like Android, and sometimes, they do not recognize the dangers in the files they download, so Malwarebytes Security is a reasonable choice. You will be able to spot the factors affecting your device quickly, and depending on the version you are using is free or premium, users will receive other protection features.


There will be two versions that you can easily find when using Malwarebytes Security: free and premium. Depending on the version, its level of protection will vary, which you will need to consider when using. For the free version, the feature looks for malware or other factors affecting your device, but it will not eliminate them because it only stops at the notification feature. You will need to get the premium version to set the maximum level of protection.


Once you have a suitable version, you will start accessing the application and looking for the settings section to install the corresponding features. There will be three main features that you can easily see: scanning, protection, and others. For protection, you will choose protection methods such as real-time, anti-ransomware, or safe browsing. At the same time, the scanning feature will bring you the cases that require the scanning application, and there are many cases for you to choose from.


The scanning and protection features aim to protect you from unsafe elements that you have downloaded or adjusted the access rights of specific applications. You can see what you’ve shared with these apps, and from there, you’ll have several options for revoking these permissions. In addition, malicious software stored on your device will be recognized and deleted immediately, freeing up space on your device from unnecessary elements.


Besides the factors that often appear on your computer, another source of danger that we need to pay attention to is websites; you do not need to worry because Malwarebytes Security will solve this. The result of completing the installation and owning all the features is that you can freely surf the websites you want. Of course, in the process of surfing, you will know which links are problematic and then consider going to another site.


Once you install Malwarebytes Security, you won’t need to worry about being disturbed by ads. In other words, this app will be an app that is focused solely on helping you secure your device and have a safe time doing what you love. The app supports devices like Android and Chromebook. So you can quickly get the correct version for your device. Indeed the application will be an excellent tool for you.


  • Checks all of the apps on your Android smartphone for access rights so you know precisely what information you’re providing. Keep an eye on whether applications may track your whereabouts, listen in on your calls, or charge you additional fees.
  • Provides a detailed summary of your device’s security and protection status, as well as security recommendations.
  • More thorough than a fast scan. Increases the amount of time necessary.
  • Apps, files, folders, and downloads are scanned quickly.
  • Adware, spyware, and potentially undesirable apps such as screen locks and bloatware are detected and removed. Our award-winning technology has been shown to remove malware traces that other antivirus systems overlook.
  • Protect your smartphone or tablet against scammers. Our strong tool detects ransomware, PUPs, android hacks, and phishing schemes as well as viruses and malware.

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