KMPlayer Plus v32.12.220 MOD APK (Unlocked, VIP Unlocked)

App NameKMPlayer Plus Mod Apk
App Versionv32.12.220
App Size67mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated16,Dec,2022

KMPlayer Plus is a must-have application for filmmakers around the world. The features from this application are used as a technical space to synthesize the features required for a professional video creator. With just this one small application, you can make many full HD quality videos with vivid colors that match every movement in your footage. In addition to the user being allowed to adjust the parameters from the filter, you can also adjust the speed.


It’s hard to create amazing video creations with just a phone. But that is no longer too difficult when you already have KMPlayer Plus support. You can use it right on your phone with many utilities, like a professional movie space. A special feature that can be mentioned is the bookmark feature, i.e., users can bookmark any location and insert other videos. Just point to the location and insert the video; you have a new video with full content right away.


For a more precise and more realistic experience than the videos you’ve made. In addition to watching it from the phone or editing from the application, users can transfer the video to other devices and monitors. Change the video playback position, but without affecting the quality; it’s really great. Users can connect the TV to the phone and stream the video to the TV, for a clearer view and for everyone to see. In particular, you can choose video quality from 4K to full HD sharp.


With just the basics, your video cannot become a product that attracts viewers. You have to invest in it from the minor details. Changing the color in each frame and segment is essential to make the great video work. With KMPlayer Plus, users can adjust color from filters, and you can also drag parameters up to a certain threshold. Not only that, to suit filmmaking, you can change factors such as brightness, contrast…


KMPlayer Plus helps you observe more from small areas best in every detail from your video; we’ve got basic zoom user support. You can use this function to take a closer look at the video’s contours to the film color and turn it into a perfect work of art. Just by dragging and touching on the screen, manipulating in certain positions, users were able to clearly recognize each disadvantage of the video and make timely corrections.


With only this one video editing software, many useful features have helped you a lot in video editing. Especially the speed adjustment feature, users can control the maximum speed of their videos. From the pull to speed up or reduce speed to each scene. It’s also a feature you can use to create many unique animated gifs.


Users can use KMPlayer Plus to add music to videos, contributing to uniqueness and vividness. Choose music from your library or own them from the app. Just type and enter the names of the songs you want. More specifically, you can add subtitles to your videos. That helps people enjoy the product and keep track of all the dialogue in the video. Adjust the text’s position, color, or size to fit the video.


  • Torrent Client: Take advantage of the real-time playback while the file is being downloaded.
  • Video cropping: Please choose your video and chop off the portion that you want.
  • Cropping audio: Please choose your audio, clip off the portion you want, and then modify it.
  • GIF toast: Create a dynamic visual GIF from your favorite video that you can use whatever you want in any situation.
  • MP3 Converter: Convert audio from your favorite video media clip to MP3 format quickly and easily with our MP3 converter.
  • VIP theme: Use a picture from your smart device to create a theme for your personal use.
  • VIP members will have access to additional features.

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