Groovepad v1.9.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameGroovepad Mod Apk
App Versionv1.9.1
App Size58mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated20,Dec,2022

If you are looking for a great music-making app, don’t miss Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker. This is the ultimate music-making tool packed with the most unique and outstanding features to bring the best experience. Whether you are an expert or not, this will also be your creative playground, where you create your own music. Let’s find out what’s so special about this app that it’s highly rated and engaged by so many users.


Grooverpad is a unique music-making tool that integrates many attractive features to give users the best music experience. You can become a professional or amateur DJ easily with this app. The vast and diverse music library allows you to choose and create your own sounds freely.

This app is an easy app to guide you so you can create your own exclusive music. You need to select your favorite music, then lightly touch the items and cells you want with your finger, and that’s how to create music. It sounds easy, but you can play good music in a few days, and you need perseverance and hard practice. Everyone goes from not knowing to learning, tinkering, and gradually going up, so explore and take advantage of the best features in this application to create the best music.


A huge music library is provided to you, and it includes unique and special music. Here, you can choose the most suitable music or beats to start your music-making. There are many genres of music to choose from, including Hip-hop, EDM, house. Whatever your style is, you can create your own authentic and authentic music.

A standout feature in Grooverpad is Live Loops, which features simple real-time recording and playback of recordings. Therefore, you can completely create your own sounds. Add those sounds to your music, so they have a unique and unique color.


Music in Grooverpad will be refreshed and updated weekly. New sounds will be added to increase your choice. Besides that, there are also outstanding features like filter, flanger, reverb that will also give your music a great and perfect sound.

The sound you create will be saved as a waveform, making it easy to share it with everyone, whether it’s friends, family, or people you want to share. Inspire your music to everyone, be it people who share your musical style or who may require your music for a spiritual boost. Therefore, please share it to spread your music, and when you receive compliments and suggestions from people, you will improve.


The application has a fairly simple and eye-catching design, but along with it is the ease of use and the class and sophistication in each layout and arrangement. At first glance, you will feel this is a professional DJ tool, but not only that, because this application is for everyone. With just a light touch, you can become a musician easily.

This is the perfect app for you if you are a newbie. This app will guide and help you practice making music. Although it does not have as many professional features as other applications, because it has a design that is not too cumbersome like them, music beginners can learn and get started easily. It would help if you had perseverance, hard work, and constant learning, practice a lot, and you will succeed. When you are professional enough, create more quality and class music. Save tracks and compare them often to compare progress.

This is an application that is always trusted and appreciated on all game forums. This is the rare music maker on Android that gets close to 5 stars, so it’s easy to see why this app is so popular. As for its appeal to users, there must be a reason for it to be so attractive, and those things need to be discovered by you to be able to write. Tens of millions of people are making music around the world with Grooverpad. Join now to create your own authentic music.


  • To get started, you may browse through a wide collection of unusual and offbeat soundtracks to find your favorites. Hip-hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, Electronic, and other genres are among the most popular. Create your own songs or mixtapes using Groovepad.
  • Use Live Loops to create high-quality music that effortlessly mixes all of the sounds together.
  • You can bring the party back to life with fantastic FX effects like filter, flanger, reverb, and delay using just the music on your drum pad app.
  • Share your masterpieces and use your DJing skills to inspire and wow your friends and family.

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