GetThemAll v3.5 MOD APK (Premium, Unlocked)

App NameGetThemAll Mod Apk
App Versionv3.5
App Size15mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated17,Dec,2022

GetThemAll is an application that makes it possible for users to download any file to their mobile device without any problems. Not only that, but you can also download multiple files at once but at breakneck speed. Also, many websites don’t allow some files to be downloaded; using this app, you will get a signal of which files to enable and which not too easily.


Your life has never been so easy as GetThemAll allows users the feature to download any file in any format. Photos, videos, and music of all kinds are fine. Not stopping there, heavier files such as PDF and word files are processed quickly and licensed by us immediately. Even more pages and code can be downloaded free from the direct link without any hindrance.


In addition, once downloaded, the files are already stored in a certain download in the mobile device. However, users may not feel secure about its security when it exists here. If so, users can move them to the cloud to be backed up and secured most safely. The remarkable thing that GetThemAll gives users is the option to automatically or manually transfer downloaded files to the cloud system, depending on their needs.


For files you have successfully downloaded, GetThemAll allows users to transfer them to others freely. The procedure is straightforward; you can choose to share directly through the social platforms that the application recommends. For addresses that the application does not link, users can copy the link to paste and send it to partners, friends, and relatives.


This is known as the application for every home when the usage has been optimized exceptionally simply. Whether you are an older adult, a child, a person who is exposed to this application for the first time or has been acquainted with it for a long time, you can use it conveniently and quickly. With just one click or a light touch of the screen, the process of downloading any type of file can be started from any website. We’re even ready to export and walk you through every step of the way to make your download go as smoothly as possible.


Not stopping there, the entire download process will be present in front of you on the toolbar, the general status bar of your mobile device. From what time your file was loaded and what time it is expected to complete will be fully displayed. Not only that, each percent that has been downloaded will also be provided carefully for users to grasp in time.


GetThemAll also offers many big breakthroughs that mark huge progress. If you have too many files to download, you can normally only download one file at a time. This really won’t be able to meet your urgent needs and is quite time-consuming. Now, with the help of this application, users can download many different files at a time with lightning-fast speed.

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