Flux – Substratum Theme v6.4.3 APK (Patched)

App NameFlux Mod Apk
App Versionv6.4.3
App Size21mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated02,Jan,2023

After using your Android phone for a while, you may need to refurbish and change the interface to avoid boredom when using it. Most Android devices will have the default interface in the settings, but if you have a high aesthetic and want your phone to be different from others, try the completely new skins only available at Flux – Substratum Theme. With various colors, you will find unique ideas in different styles that promise not to let you down after experiencing them.


Not fussy and appear many themes like previous applications that users have known, in this version, the manufacturer only released one theme. At first glance, it may be pretty boring because the topic is no longer as rich as before so that everyone can freely choose. Still, in the first release, the manufacturer will balance both factors without creating monotonous effects but also increase the sense of enjoyment that the application brings.

Most of the Android phone wallpapers will have the main colors from simple green and blue to more complex colors such as splashes, desert sands, or winding color bands. The manufacturer has improved and upgraded this comeback with luxurious but straightforward colors such as dark blue background, black background, or dark gray background.


Unlike other free applications, you will have to spend a small amount of money to own it in this version, but the special features that it offers will certainly not disappoint you. With your own ideas, feel free to customize and imagine to perfect the ultimate look. If you have ever used a similar version before, Flux White, Flux – Substratum Theme usage is identical.

Building an artistic theme is also a way to increase user excitement; those who love the vibrancy that color brings will always refurbish their “mobile phone”. They will need new things to be able to unleash their creativity. Instead of having themes for users to change, the manufacturer has agreed only to allow one theme with many different main colors; this is a small change but also very useful for those who use it.


It can be seen that most of the fixed themes will allow changing the phone theme, but about the keyboard, it almost needs to be downloaded, so changing the keyboard will take place quite time-consuming and inconvenient. With this application, you won’t have to do that and don’t need to worry about downloading too much, consuming your phone space, and at the same time, wasting your time.

Creating eye-catching keyboards is also a factor that makes you more excited while using your phone; just download this version, and it will create unity for your phone.


The manufacturer constantly updates and adds many new features to improve Flux – Substratum Theme to become perfect. With the suggestions and reviews provided by users, they have released versions such as improving the android framework, fixing bugs in the dialers, messages, contacts, and google system.

The interface of Flux – Substratum Theme most of the time received feedback is easy to use, easy to use, there are still some sub-sections that are still a bit confusing, but if you learn carefully, you can still master it. If you are a lover of fun experiences and decorations for your phone, then this application will make you happy.


  • Change interface with many unique ideas according to personal style
  • Only one theme with many colors from classic to vivid
  • Change the keyboard to your liking
  • Unique post-update feature
  • Build your own theme to increase interest in using

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