Firefox Focus v108.1.0 APK + MOD (Many Feature)

App NameFirefox Focus Mod Apk
App Versionv108.1.0
App Size58mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated26,Jan,2023

Firefox Focus: The Companion Browser is an application that helps users find what they want to secure their account more securely and speed up use when entering search pages. Users should download the application to their phone or laptop to be able to protect their personal accounts from bad guys who want to compromise and instead use this application to access different sites without leaving any search history.


This is the feature that makes users most excited about this application. Because during use, the application will not have any ads appearing to hinder the user’s search. Therefore, users will have a more convenient feeling as well as the search process will become smoother, less time-consuming, contributing to promoting the user’s work performance. If any user doesn’t like the fact that he has to wait to see an ad every time he searches for something, he should own this great application right away.


When users search in other applications, it may reveal their account, but Firefox Focus: The Companion Browser is entirely different. It is the user’s account when searching for things in this completely anonymous application. Moreover, this application will permanently delete all search history, so users do not need to waste time deleting it. The problems they search for themselves will always be kept confidential.


Because it is not affected by ads, the search process in this application will be faster than in other applications. And the search pages in this application will consume less data, which will contribute to faster loading in the process of searching for something. It’s really an extraordinarily convenient and suitable application for everyone; if you read this far, download the application immediately to your phone!

Firefox Focus: The Companion Browser allows users to download completely free on Google Play because Mozilla sponsors this application. This non-profit organization fights for users’ rights on search sites. At the same time, the application has just updated the feature to exit the screen mode when the user accesses YouTube and also provides users with two light and dark modes to suit user preferences.

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