Elevate – Brain Training v5.96.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameElevate Brain Training Mod Apk
App Versionv5.96.0
App Size55mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated05,Dec,2022

Elevate is seen as an educational program for all people in many different fields. This educational application is growing stronger and gaining the trust of users. The application is constantly updated with many new unique features, partly to create trust and partially to conquer the wishes of modern users. Compared to other applications, this application won users’ hearts because of its unique ways of teaching and training sharp thinking.


The application is known for a very noble task that is brain training. When an application wants to develop vigorously, it needs to set up a separate program. The program in Elevate really touches the user’s heart because of its intelligence and modernity that makes the development process very powerful.

The application focuses on brain development as well as training an intelligent brain. More specifically, the application always focuses on developing in the form of high thinking. Users will experience exciting things related to the development process in order to receive good information.

There are many forms of training used in Elevate that every user should be aware of. There may be forms of memory training such as opening the same container or training your speaking ability by giving you a difficult challenge to overcome. Lots of fun forms and the point of them is to exercise your thinking ability.


Giving thinking puzzles is also one of the 40 interesting things mentioned in this application. Users want to exercise all abilities and not except thinking. Of course, each puzzle will have a different color so that it will be interesting for users. More specifically, there are many puzzles in the form of games for you to conquer most easily.


  • Improve your ability to communicate effectively in writing. Purposeful writing that is clear, convincing, and condensed
  • Make your spelling and grammar more accurate. Avoid the most typical writing snares.
  • Improve your reading skills. The ability to read ordinary items more quickly and with more comprehension
  • Increase the number of words in your vocabulary. Learn how to utilize hundreds of new terms that have been added to your vocabulary.
  • Be able to answer ordinary arithmetic problems quickly and effortlessly. Improve your ability to compare prices, divide bills, and calculate discounts and markups by practicing these skills.
  • Speak with self-assurance. Improve your communication skills by being more eloquent and developing clear expression and tone.


  • Increase your cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, processing speed, arithmetic accuracy, precision, and understanding by playing 40+ brain training games.
  • Track your own and other people’s progress in terms of performance. Once a week, you will get a report that highlights your most significant successes and potential prospects.
  • You may tailor the emphasis of your daily workouts to concentrate on the abilities you need to improve the most, and you can pick between three and five games to play.
  • In order to guarantee that your experience stays demanding, you should train your brain with workouts that get more difficult as you go.
  • Start a fitness streak and keep yourself motivated with over 150+ achievements to earn as you practice.

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