Colorfy: Coloring Book v3.19.1 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Colorfy Mod Apk
App Versionv3.19.1
App Size80mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated16,July,2023

Colorfy fulfills your wishes with beautiful uncolored drawings that allow players to entertain themselves by filling in the gaps. Only when the picture is covered with color will you complete your task. Players get closer to the art, showing their talent in artistic perception. Some of the available paintings will be arranged into a very modern digital coloring book. Other options related to creative freedom were also developed.


Each player is allowed to use the color palette provided by Colorfy to complete the pre-drawing. The picture will be pre-painted, and your job is to color it. Each object appearing in the picture has a pre-determined color to use. Players follow the instructions to complete it quickly. Each picture will own small details, hard to find to make it difficult for you. However, the process of perfecting it will make players feel happy. Art appreciation activities are also developed in many other options that are more accessible, not limited.


Players are free to create new works of their style at Colorfy. You will use the colorless stickers provided to refresh your picture on the available white background. This perfect combination can help you create the perfect picture. Finally, the system provides the colors, and you are free to mix them. All works will be aggregated in a common collection. In addition, we also support adding unique effects. They can change the texture of the painting, causing the colors to change, and your work will look much more artistic.


Colorfy allows the player to use the available colors and hints of the system to complete the incomplete drawing. Cells that need to be filled with color will be numbered for identification. From basic digital paintings, players can replace them with more unique colors from the list. The compilation of your works will be archived and can be reviewed at any time. We do not limit your creativity; players are free to make ideas for the picture with the provided colorless stickers.


  • Allows players to do fun coloring activities, improving their artistic perception.
  • Each drawing will be perfected as you fill them with color and collect and organize them into a collection.
  • Players are free to get creative with suggested style stickers and system-provided color palettes.
  • Some effects help players change the texture of drawings, making them more unique with just one tap.
  • Entertain with art pictures and coloring activities that stimulate your thinking and improve your senses.

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