Brilliant v7.1.0 APK (Latest)

App NameBrilliant Mod Apk
App Versionv7.1.0
App Size7mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated26,Jan,2023

Brilliant offers a new learning space compared to other common applications because of its unique images and clear learning path. The application development process is well invested and has a lot of help from key actors in specific subjects: mathematicians, chemists, physicists,… and more. With knowledge condensed inside a colorful academic application, the user’s learning experience will become complete, and there will be more joyful inspirations in learning to bring the best results.


A default academic application will have a lot of different subjects without missing any. This application is no exception when it gives users a lot of different subjects for the learning process. Not only popular subjects, but the application also brings a lot of new and popular subjects in different countries for research and expanding knowledge to users. Moreover, thanks to the variety of subjects, the application can easily direct users to the purpose of comprehensive multi-platform development in the best way. Brilliant can develop your knowledge comprehensively, beyond the conventional way.


Abstract images are also a very attractive feature of the application when they can clearly show the symbols of the subjects and exude the characteristics of each specific subject. In appearance and the learning process, knowledge and data are also vividly presented through colorful images that strongly impact the user’s learning process.

The application may not be able to teach the user like normal learning directly. Still, with these colorful images, knowledge will be deposited longer in the user’s brain because of their ability to impress their memory. In short, the images and colors created not only beautify the learning space but also contain many intentions to improve learning efficiency for users after a research process.


The interactive system in the application’s subjects is highly appreciated for its completeness and is suitable for many different age groups. From 10 to 110 years old or even more, the application will have a way to direct users, depending on age, to different ways of learning to achieve the highest efficiency. This way of learning is the result of many individuals’ research and has been proven to be extremely applicable.


  • The academic application is built around the criteria and ideas for the holistic development of users.
  • Great help from academic institutions and individual subject-matter experts gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Offering users a variety of subjects to develop comprehensively, choose your favorite subject.
  • The clear learning path is capable of developing users step by step, perfecting the learning process to help cultivate and develop thinking.
  • The interactive system is relatively complete and suitable for different ages to learn easily and quickly.

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