Balance: Meditation & Sleep v1.110.0 MOD APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

App NameBalance Mod Apk
App Versionv1.110.0
App Size88mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated10,Feb,2024

Balance performs the duties of an emotion-shaping machine. Users are provided with a simple interface that is easy to manipulate and clearly displays information related to useful features. First of all, you need to let us know your full schedule for the day so that it is easy to create a workout plan. With a wide range of soothing sounds and quality transmitters, we’ll create a quiet space for you to perform the most basic meditation steps easily.


The ability to think and how to control emotions have always been a matter of concern to many users. That’s why Balance quickly launches new content that impacts your way of thinking. New songs added to the playlist will be arranged in the form of highly creative singles. Users only need to activate it to be able to start the track of the day of training. All songs owned by the disc will be used as background music for thinking exercises. Based on those criteria, we use a new voice that is softer and more inspiring.


Users after installing Balance will be provided with a list, including time frames of the day. It would help if you let us know your schedule of activities for a day to work towards making sure the upcoming plan is to your satisfaction. With a 10-day plan of continuous meditation training and basic exercises from video tutorials, users quickly memorize and access new information. In addition, based on your preferences, we can choose music that matches your mood.


To be able to own a large number of users at the present time, in addition to methods to help you calm down and relax in a quiet space, we also bring other unique experiences. The badges won by participating in training practicing meditation will help you get more motivated with your thinking ability. Besides, breathing exercises are also a superior choice to help you keep up with the progress of the training sessions. New content is always a topic of interest to many people, and more exercises to help you stay calm and practice expressing emotions will be available soon.


Targeted at users with emotional problems, Balance, in turn, offers exciting options to help you easily identify the source of your sadness. During this quiet time, we have the opportunity to learn about your feelings. Users also grasp the problem themselves and find a specific solution. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep and can’t get any work done, something is taking a toll on your psyche. We will use meditation and sound to deal with them.


Balance is an effective method to improve your sleep. In addition, the application also makes it easier for users to control their emotions and build a more joyful mood. The free trial period will last for a year to help users get used to and quickly try a new skill. The system always brings a quiet space and the best experiences. We give every opportunity to your mind to relax, which manifests itself in the simplest of exercises. Meditation is good for your health and emotions; improve them right away by downloading and starting the app.


  • The app provides a stable space to do essential meditations, provides the necessary skills training, and develops experiences depending on your mood at the start of the lesson.
  • A large number of training sessions with a simple way of working will help you connect with the system through emotions. Users can avail the exercises at any time they want to use.
  • Users can collect various badges to fill their meditation practice leaderboard. Following the set plan will help users collect more badges.
  • Regularly release updated versions to support users with more new content for their journey of discovering new subjects. The added breathing exercises help you quickly stabilize your emotions and stay calm.
  • After starting a meditation exercise, users improve sleep quality, improve their emotions, and don’t feel negative. Soft music will automatically switch, so you don’t get bored.

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