Aloha Browser Turbo v4.11.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameAloha Browser Turbo Mod Apk
App Versionv4.11.2
App Size120mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated16,Dec,2022

Aloha Browser Turbo is a fast, secure web browser for Android devices that replaces the default browser and allows users to browse the web quickly without affecting the device’s performance. True to its name, this browser gives users a simple surfing experience with many powerful options and always meets all user requirements. The browser is packed with unique features, strong compatibility with all devices, and maximum privacy security.


On the market today, there are smart web browsers with many different unique features. However, for a browser that integrates many functions that users care about, Aloha Browser Turbo is an intelligent browser for all devices. Besides being a fast web browser, it also offers users to experience many other intelligently improved functions. In this browser, users can freely choose the information pages they need to find and smart surfing options. In this browser, users can search for all useful information in life and explore the world with hot information or what they are interested in.


This browser is not just an ordinary web browser, but it is considered a universal and magical key for users to open what they want. Everything in the world appears on the tiny screen in this browser. Aloha Browser Turbo is more special than normal web browsers in that it allows users to surf the web in private mode. This means that users can search for websites that are displayed in incognito mode. It can be said that this function is highly secure, so no one will ever know your access history.


Besides freely surfing the web, users also save a large amount of time and data access. Because data doesn’t take up too much space in your device, the user does not consume too much of his mobile data each time the user visits the website. This is the highlight of Aloha Browser Turbo compared to similar browsers. Built-in by decompression feature, it helps the device save battery.


Safety – privacy is a much-improved feature in the app. Instead of spending time seeing all the ads every time they visit the website, the browser now blocks all the ads that are not related to the content for a smoother user experience. Besides, it also blocks all other software that is anonymously tracked in this browser.


As for the free VPN feature for users, unlimited access means users can surf the web to a new level of comfort without worrying about anything. The browser also adds private tabs for you to lock private tabs with fingerprint or passcode in private mode.

Overall, this browser is highly convenient and is a new solution for users to replace other browsers like Google Chrome or Opera. With a user-friendly interface, users can enjoy surfing the web completely private and secure.


  • Unlimited free VPN: take your online freedom and security to new heights.
  • Surf in an ad-free atmosphere with ad block and popup block.
  • We don’t keep track of your activities and will never share them with anybody since we don’t have anything to disclose. We also don’t enable outsiders to trace your internet activity.
  • Lock private tabs with a fingerprint or a password to keep them secret.
  • Keep your data encrypted and safe from prying eyes in a private vault.
  • Save and view movies, music, and other things using the Downloads Manager.
  • VR Player: watch VR videos right in your browser
  • On-demand, fast and secure VPN connection

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