ActionDash v8.0.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameActionDash Mod Apk
App Versionv8.0.0
App Size9.9mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated04,Jan,2023

ActionDash will help you manage your time and be methodical in being less dependent on mobile devices. This application wants you to be able to do the things you like without being too focused on your phone for too long. The application will manage the sequence of settings and set the absolute time tracking mode. The application also wants you to be able to use essential features to meet your requirements and thereby have a more realistic view of those good features.


The application will help you manage your phone time effectively and optimally. This will already be set up, and you will have to do the same with your installed settings. The application wants you to use your time effectively and not be too focused on your phone, leading to an imbalance in your life.


The application always guarantees your access time and does not allow you to exceed it. If you exceed the time, the application will give you an alert level or related notifications for you to adjust.


The application will help you set a schedule for sleep time and limit too much access to mobile devices. The application will turn off related notifications or noisy notifications to get the best sleep. The app will also lock settings so you can focus on your sleep.


The application will add a specific performance improvement and provide you with a range of typical features. This provision will include upgrades as well as ensuring your access is at the most stable level.


The application presents you with a series of special statistics as well as related surveys. Your over-access and mobile abuse will give you an early warning to make you aware of this critical issue.

  • The application provides device usage time management and even a statistics table of related visits in specific time points.
  • Offer optimal solutions to limit access to the phone too much and should not be abused.
  • There are huge improvements, improving performance as well as providing you with other special supporting features.
  • Schedule sleep times so you can turn off related devices and block out other noisy settings.
  • Always keep you in the most stable mode, not distracted by spam notifications or set the time for you.

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