Total Launcher v2.10.3 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App NameTotal Launcher Mod Apk
App Versionv2.10.3
App Size3.8mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated21,Dec,2022

Total Launcher is an extensive library of content that changes the device’s overall look, along with a variety of wallpapers and app icons. Its variety is wide, and every content falls under many distinct themes or styles so that users can discover options that fit them. Thanks to launchers, the user’s experience will be significantly enhanced, creating a unique atmosphere around the user with their device.


The variation of launchers will lead to countless different options for users, but everything is neatly organized into many categories by Total Launcher. Depending on the user’s taste or style, the launchers suggested by the application are entirely superior, flexible, and have a lot of potentials. It also changes the overall operation of the UI, creating magnificent sensations like owning a new generation device.


Every launcher’s impressive point is the smoothness and flexibility in operation, interface, and interaction with users. It creates a distinct feel, even working with multi-touch gestures to unlock new potentials in two-way interaction. Not only that, the designs of loading tools or transition effects are also perfect, even fully optimized for users to immerse themselves in the awesomeness of the launcher.


Total Launcher offers extensive customization for each launcher, such as operation, interaction, color, background, and more. Depending on each person’s personal preferences, customization will have many significant changes to improve everyone’s experience with their style. Of course, the application will regularly update with new content to enrich every choice in their interface customization or overall design.


All launchers are designed with multiple themes and rich orientations to suit different types of users. The orientations are diverse from Western to Eastern, including fantasy or sci-fi categories to showcase countless new launcher potentials. Users can also customize things extensively and promise to change the atmosphere or look of the device through its subtle features.


Widgets are remarkable contents from Total Launcher that users can add directly to the home screen for long-term interaction. Furthermore, all widgets work in real-time and constantly update with new content or information related to any locally specified metrics. Depending on individual needs or preferences, users can freely add or customize any widget and combine them perfectly with flexible backgrounds or interactions.


Customization or personalization is almost ubiquitous in the user experience, allowing them to change things freely. Likewise, it can realize every one imagination and give them all the best comfort or interaction they ever wanted for the device. The application also continuously proposes many attractive options to optimize the device and brings a lot of latent or surprises to the launchers.

Total Launcher is a combination of many contents, and each unit has its impressive points for users to take advantage of. Moreover, customization or personalization allows them to freely pull out each feature or style to create a brand new launcher with cool backgrounds or widgets.

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