Solid Explorer File Manager v2.8.31 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameSolid Explorer File Manager Mod Apk
App Versionv2.8.31
App Size33mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated18,Dec,2022

Solid Explorer offers a more straightforward file management experience with just one app. Users can capture all information related to download or new file creation. Right on the user interface, you will be able to fill in basic information, design your own space, and document storage layout quickly. Special types of encryption developed by the system will help you preserve your information well. In addition, users can also manipulate easily if they want to back up file information to a new address.


To provide a better user experience, Solid Explorer regularly takes your opinion on file build operations and performs many essential feature enhancements. First of all, you can log in to Dropbox more straightforwardly without much hassle. Errors that interrupt card and file upload will be rectified. Next, you can discover what’s newly launched in client applications. After purging and editing, many files saved with special characters are now easier to search. Finally, the expected changes enhance the improvement of OneDrive uploads and the need for a bottleneck process to be improved as well.


Users can experience a Solid Explorer with the file manager’s most important feature. With this function, you can replace the fixed arrangement charts in a space more conducive to your operations. Besides, the appearance of new layouts also makes you more interested in boring work-related content. This is an interface that you can customize to suit the information that will be stored. Saved files are sorted by content, topic, or how important they are to your work and life.


The information stored in Solid Explorer in the form of files will be strictly managed by increasing the security level of the key. With a few commands, you will encrypt the amount of information in the file and manage it efficiently. In addition to the appearance of encryption commands, users can easily set up codes and passwords and enter them whenever they want to access information on the application.

We have improved your experience with this activity by increasing the number of keys and customizing the keys as required. Number or letter sequence lock will be the chosen pattern because of its tradition. Fingerprint or face recognition templates are considered modern changes, catching up with trends and easy to use.


Considered one of the superior features, the application’s management scope is shown here with pervasive coverage. If all the information was previously stored in the cloud or on a network hard drive, you would have more options. This demonstrates the large extent of the system’s management that originates from items stored in intermediate or permanently connected sources. Relying on these incredible features, you can access any source of information stored anywhere, including outside the application.

That’s also the reason for you to easily back up move files to a new location without losing much time. High convenience and application will help the system get more approval in the future.


Solid Explorer takes the old traditional storage methods and upgrades it to turn your file storage space into a great place to hold any information. Various formats are introduced that determine the influence of file size on the space in which it is arranged. However, we still appreciate reviews and enhance the user experience with special updates. Each observation will leave many great lessons learned in file management. The next essential changes may be noteworthy trends in the near future. Download, and experience them!


  • The content provided is related to file storage and management of basic information about users with a single application. Ensure security and enjoy a safe time.
  • Discover the many changes in the updated versions released by the system. The long period of launching and recording reviews helps us improve the app’s performance effectively.
  • Add multiple new files to the same space without worrying about sorting or editing. Users are free to store and organize the information they want in multiple folders to manage them better.
  • Faced with security risks, we build a code system sure, giving users more peace of mind when storing files. Various types of passwords are applied to help you tailor your choice accordingly.
  • Other activities are recorded during the experience, such as managing all files stored in the cloud or network hard drives. Operations for moving files are accepted.

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