Prisma Photo Editor v4.5.9.613 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App NamePrisma Photo Editor Mod Apk
App Versionv4.5.9.613
App Size69mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated19,Dec,2022

Prisma Photo Editor is an application that helps you edit photos simply with an impressive number of filters. You can easily adjust the color elements in the image to make it more unique. In addition, you also find many filters that you will spend time experimenting with. Indeed you will have yourself some frequently used filters and update the new filters that the application provides.


When users use Prisma Photo Editor, they will surely be impressed by the features it can bring to them as there is a series of functions that you can easily find and experience. In addition, editing with the application is completely simple that anyone can master after a while. The first feature that any user will find is to adjust the photo elements that often appear on other applications with the same function.

You will find a range of factors such as exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more. Each element will interfere with one aspect of the image, so adjust the slider, and the colors will change accordingly. So you will spend time figuring out how to combine these elements and choose the color that best suits the image. Over time, you also know specific indicators to create a suitable color for the image before going through the filter adjustment.


Besides the applicationÔÇÖs color correction feature, you can choose filters with different colors in Prisma Photo Editor. The use of these two features depends on the user s ÔÇśexperience, and in most cases, they will select the filter first and then adjust some of the color elements if necessary. In addition, the filter selection sometimes makes users feel a headache because of the amount that users can find in the application.

The number of these filters is so diverse that you will feel completely overwhelmed, but the experience process will sometimes be quite interesting. Each filter has its characteristics when users can change their experience by changing the corresponding filter. Nothing is more fun than seeing your photos come to life, and you also know that the filters you feel are suitable in this application. From there, you will create some filters that you love yourself.


If you are a person who edits images, then choosing Prisma Photo Editor is reasonable because the number of filters it provides is entirely diverse and increases over time. Specifically, new filters will gradually appear in front of users, and they will be able to experience them as their wishes. The increase in filters makes the applicationÔÇÖs filter library more diverse, and you have more options to create images that suit your needs.

The application provides a feature similar to a filter that divides filters into different collections depending on their properties. So you can quickly select the right experience and filter type. In addition, the number of filters that you love is entirely not fixed when new filters have just been updated. So, you will continue to store filters that you feel are suitable for your photo editing.

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