Power Browser v96.0.2016123466 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NamePower Browser Mod Apk
App Versionv96.0.2016123466
App Size82mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated15,Dec,2022

Power Browser is a web browser for mobile operating systems that you can use to browse the web at the most optimal speed. With countless valuable features that it brings but still does not consume too much battery, this is precisely a perfect choice for you. Feel free to open multiple tabs at once without worrying about interruptions, especially when you’re safe online.


With designed browsers will always have their own purpose towards the direct user experience. And one of the problems that browsers often encounter is definitely the loading time of web pages, and responses are often very slow. But if you are a Power Browser user, the delay in page load time or response time will be solved very simply.


If you pay attention, you can also know that if you only open a single tab, the browser will load and display that tab very quickly, but it creates a problem when you open too many simultaneously. Too many tabs at once can lead to slow loading and rendering speed many times. But it won’t be too much of a problem when you can use Power Browser and easily access multiple tabs smoothly. From now on, you can watch the news, read good newspapers, watch movies and play games without worrying.


Usually, people will often save a lot of personal information such as emails, phone numbers in contacts, or maybe some private pictures. Therefore, people are very concerned about their information being stolen by bad guys or also damaged like micropayments. If unfortunately, not careful, it is easy to become a victim of them, but that will no longer be the case because Power Browser will protect your mobile device against forms of online fraud.


It can be said that the battery is an important part of the phone because it determines how long you can use it after each charge. With some significant web browsers, it will consume a lot of battery every time you use it, and you have to plug in the charger to use it constantly. If you continuously like this for a long time, the battery’s life will decrease quickly, so the application will be a perfect choice for you. An application with so many valuable features that consumes a very small amount of battery is nothing better.


Because of user privacy, the application has brought incognito browsing mode, and from now on, you can freely browse the web comfortably. Once you have used this feature, no matter how big or small, the information in the web browsing process will not be saved in the browsing history. Not only that but cookies will also be deleted immediately when you turn off incognito browsing. This will help you prevent some people’s curiosity or those who intend to break into the phone.


This application will save your entire browsing history since you started using the application so that you can find old content easily. You find important information that you need to use or are watching a movie but accidentally delete the tabs. It doesn’t take long to recall the whole thing when you need a few simple steps to find it in the browsing history section.


The last feature that often plays an important role in all these different applications is the user interface. An application with a good user interface will be able to give its users a great user experience. Therefore, the manufacturers of this application have also researched and developed for their products a straightforward interface aimed at effective usability for users.


  • The application is specially designed to give users a leading web tool with simple operations.
  • The loading time of web pages with the browser or the response after the operations performed will always be in the lowest condition.
  • Give your users the ability to use an incognito browser without saving any browser usage history.
  • With basic browser operations, there will be the ability to backup inside the history section so that users can search again very easily.
  • The user interface will be designed with a straightforward style but will give its users the best use.

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