Positional v180.2.1 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

App Name Positional Mod Apk
App Versionv180.2.1
App Size15mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated12,Feb,2024

Positional is a location-based software that uses the phone’s GPS technology to get different aspects of the current latitude and longitude data, such as altitude, speed, and address, and displays it in a user-friendly style. Aside from the basic feature of being a location app, Positional also has a distinct panel for Compass, Level, Trail, and Clock, each of which has its own purpose.

The level can be used to get plain deviation information and for many other purposes, while the compass provides information about direction using the geomagnetic field. The clock fetches time related information based on the current location, time zone, and also sun’s information such as Sunset, Sunrise, Twilight, and many other things. Trail may be used to mark sites on the map and build a journey log using a variety of contextual indicators anywhere on the map.

Positional is a highly polished software that adds another layer of a very carefully built simple design that organizes every piece of information in a very pleasant manner with incredible and gorgeous physics-based animations while still doing what a location app is intended to accomplish.

Positional’s app interface is totally customized independent of native APIs, and everything is built from the ground up to offer the app a distinctive design structure and add numerous features without using too much device memory, resulting in a highly lightweight software.

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