Polarr v6.7.9 (Pro)(Mod Extra)

App NamePolarr Mod Apk
App Versionv6.7.9
App Size47mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated08,Dec,2022

Polarr is an editing application with completely diverse features and is convenient for editing. Fully detailed color correction features can help you adjust your images the way you want. At the same time, you can also use the editing parameters of others through the QR codes they share. So an unlimited editing potential can open up before the user’s eyes.


As you experiment with Polarr, you’re sure to find editing features that make your images stunning. At the same time, each part has its tabs, so you can easily choose the corresponding function to adjust colors, add corresponding overlays, filters, and many other features. These features can be easily accessed by anyone to use, and over time, they will have specific experiences to operate correctly.

Basic editing applications are similar to those of the same genre when bringing an awe-inspiring color to the image. You will use the filter provided by the application, and each time you change the filter, a new color will appear. In addition, you can also edit colors in more detail with elements such as brightness, exposure, and many others. Also, don’t hesitate to try an overlay to make the image even more unique.


One feature that many Polarr users will love is the use of code to edit. It is ideally suited for different purposes. They have access to pre-edited colors for starters, and of course, they won’t need to worry about balancing elements. Those who use the application for a long time will ultimately accumulate an impressive amount of code that can be used at any time.

So what is the code? Code is understood as an image posted by users, and inside that image, there will be a QR code. The work of these QRs will contain the editing parameters of the accompanying image. So, the users’ job is straightforward: they will find these code images on many different platforms. After selecting many photos that they love, they need to click on Import QR Code, and right after that, they will notice the change.


As mentioned above, users can find straightforwardly Polarr codes on the web and feel free to use them to create awe-inspiring photos. In addition, you can also develop similar images and use them in the way you want. The application allows you to export your products in a completely streamlined way, and you are free to choose between having a QR code or not. So QR codes will help you share with friends.

You won’t need to list the parameters you used for your friends to follow, but they only get your photo. In addition, it also makes it possible for you to save the edits you have made if their color is your favorite. At the same time, with images without code, you will be able to share them on your favorite social networking sites and make your viewers utterly impressed with them.

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