MyRadar Weather Radar v8.49.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

App Name MyRadar Weather Radar Mod Apk
App Versionv8.49.2
App Size61mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated16,July,2023

MyRadar Weather Radar Ad Free is the fastest and most accurate mobile weather forecast app. The application supports users in displaying detailed weather radar around the place where you live, allowing users to know the day’s weather quickly or in the next few days. The game has a beautiful interface, easy to use, and updated many new features in this version, guaranteed to bring you a great experience.


My radar is a free application suitable for all, especially those who do outdoor work or organize picnics and travel; the application will be handy. Not only that, with accurate analysis in a fast time, this application also seems to replace TV programs or websites specializing in weather forecasts. Thanks to the smart feature, it allows connecting the coordinates of the location where you live to report detailed weather at each specific time.

A significant highlight of this application lies in its maps. This map shows a detail from cities and towns to plains and mountains throughout the United States. This map also divides up specific boundaries to easily identify different regions in the same country. With smooth zooming out or zooming in on the map, users can monitor the weather anywhere.


My radar contains the most complete and detailed of all the essentials of a weather forecast application. It tells you whether the weather is rainy or sunny on that day and gives you a specific temperature message for each hour. You can even see which direction the promised rainfall is, close to your location, and how fast or slow it is. Besides, the application also shows how long the rainfall will last and the level of warning whether it is dangerous or not.

Not only that, but the application can also display the air humidity during the day, represents the time of sunset or sunrise with the corresponding time. The app also contains detailed data overlays overlaid on the map, giving you weather information based on visualizations, such as wind layers, pressure systems, geologic activities, earthquakes, and a host of the latest weather changes. All are expressed specifically in each boundary around the world.


Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of this application lies in the storm warning features when natural disasters occur. Hurricanes or earthquakes are described according to detailed data before sending notifications to you. Not only that, but it also warns continuously every hour about the direction of the storm’s center of movement or where it has passed. At the same time, it also cooperates with the National Weather Center to give users the most accurate and necessary information.


In addition to weather forecasts, Myradar also contains important data about how the flight is flying directly in the sky, helping users to both know the weather and track specific flights. With only a small application, users also have the opportunity to track each flight schedule and display IFR routes on the entire map and countless other utilities that users can discover when traveling and use this handy application.


The application also possesses many outstanding features, especially real-time storm tracking. In addition, it also added many new notification data, with a more professional interface, such as probability cones, showing the path of the center of the storm as well as the areas affected by the storm. Corpse. For each area with bad weather, the application will highlight that location so that users can easily identify it before entering to see the details.

In addition to the above special features, the application also always focuses on improving performance and enhancing many related factors. With the previous version, video files only appeared as GIFs, but users can view them as MP4 in this version. In addition, the application also fixes issues with clock information or hidden alerts: fixed wind icons, improved user location search bar, and many other cool updates.

MyRadar is a completely free weather forecast application that brings many utilities to all users. Using this application, you can get all data, information about weather and natural disasters at your fingertips to promptly prevent before it is too late.

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