Librera PRO v8.9.158 APK (Full Paid)

App NameLibrera PRO Mod Apk
App Versionv8.9.158
App Size30mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated10,Feb,2024

In addition to providing support for the document formats that are utilized the most often, Librera Reader is a user-friendly and highly configurable program. It also supports the document formats that are utilized the most frequently. The delightful experience of viewing papers is made possible by the Librera Reader application’s user interface, which is known for its intuitive nature. In addition, Librera gives you the ability to listen to music without having to use your hands, and it scrolls through your playlist automatically.

Librera Reader lets you create a self-sustaining library of your papers by scanning files and directories. This library has all your writing and this library has all your work. List and grid formats are used for document collections. The resizable images and descriptive descriptions should make it easy to find the articles you need. You can search for documents in your library by path, name, size, or date.

When being read, the document can be presented on the page or on the screen, and the scrolling mode can be locked in the vertical position. Additionally, the scrolling mode can be unlocked at any point throughout the reading process. Text can be reflown and annotated, and there are volume controls that scroll with a background of your choosing. Additionally, you have the option to change the color of the background. Excerpts are capable of being translated, reproduced, disseminated, and searched for in a variety of different ways on the internet.

You must have PRO Librera Reader to experience the full extent of the joy that may be had from it. A fantastic place to get started is with the free version that is supported by adverts. It is a beautiful method to demonstrate support for the product’s ongoing development by investing in a PRO license that does not include adverts.


  • Support for bookmarks (both permanent and moveable) as well as annotations
  • Day and night modes that may be customized independently for each user
  • Support for a wide variety of well-known online translators
  • Integration of all of the most prominent offline dictionaries
  • Vertical-scroll lock
  • zoomed-in pages that may be manually and automatically centered.
  • a view of papers with two pages that only takes up one page.
  • Mode destinée specifically for musicians, with the scrolling speed able to be adjusted
  • Read-aloud functionality utilizing a text-to-speech engine of your choosing, with quite advanced reading criteria (that may be configured).
  • Searching across documents made simple and quick
  • Search for words across several texts (and multiple-word search)
  • Online document format conversion
  • Help for preserving preserved book collections (.zip)
  • Assistance for languages written from right to left, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, and others.
  • Start of the application on the most recently viewed page
  • Help with navigating online catalogs (OPDS), searching for books, and downloading content
  • RSVP reading (à la Spritz reading)
  • Support for customized CSS code to enhance the quality of the reading experience
  • Support for user-defined tags and grouping according to those tags
  • synchronization of reading progress and configuration across a number of different devices
  • And still a whole deal more…

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