Gradient v2.9.63 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameGradient Mod Apk
App Versionv2.9.63
App Size105mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated09,Dec,2022

Gradient is an automated editor that can help users optimize all possibilities and transform their entire portrait with just a few simple taps. In other words, the integrated AIs in the system are the main tools to edit everything for the users, and they will have a wide range of customization to create the desired results. Many additional or expanded systems will gradually be introduced in the user’s exploration, giving them impressive discoveries in general.


The first function that Gradient wants to introduce to users is to transform a professional appearance, very useful if they want to discover new beauties of themselves. The application does that with the help of dynamic and professional AIs, which automatically transform everything based on the user’s choice. In addition, users can manually customize a few details on the transformation results, making themselves more beautiful.


The application will feature many impressive concepts for users to admire their beauty through various races, whether in the real world or fantasy. Among them, the most prominent are fantasy, elf, looks old, cartoon, and many other creative options for the AIs to get to work and transform everything instantly. In addition, many options will automatically change the user’s skin color or bone structure, creating a distinct beauty.


If users always want to know their beauty when changing the Ethnic of each specific region, such as K-pop, C-pop, etc., then Gradient is also ready to show them magic. All data on facial structures, cheekbones, eyes, and lips for each race or ethnicity are stored in the system, and they only need to be applied to existing faces to get results. Many additional customizations will appear post-transform, allowing users to change their beauty freely.


Once users have the desired results, the application has a powerful and versatile editor built into the system to change special details freely. In which filters or effects are outstanding and attractive options, allowing people to express their creativity and create new atmospheres in photos. The great thing is that the application also helps change body proportions, allowing users to create the body they have always dreamed of.


The face collage function from Gradient helps users find twins from different races or ethnicities. Although it is for entertainment, its function is also convenient as it tells people the different comparisons of a human face when there are many variations. Moreover, users can freely customize to achieve more impressive results, sharing widely on social networking sites.


The app was originally developed to target the female market, where they delight in beautifying themselves through virtual makeup or beauty enhancement. Fortunately, it also supports the multi-layer feature, which improves work efficiency and gives users many positive results when creating a new beauty for the face. Users can save the presets and use them widely in the future if they want to show off their unique and exotic beauty.

Gradient’s most striking and impressive feature is the professional AIs that can enhance beauty or change people’s faces. It also has a lot of unique content for users to explore, where they can indulge in makeup or create a new beauty that they once dreamed of becoming.


  • Change the size of your eyes, lips, nose, physique, skin tone, and hair color to enhance your natural attractiveness.
  • Wondering how you’ll appear in the future? Let AI do the rest. Transform your buddies and observe their reactions!
  • Let AI paint your classical style portrait using the world’s greatest AI painting tech! Get it today for free and share your photographs!
  • Gradient’s Celebrity Look Alike technology is the most accurate! See which historical figure or celebrity you resemble!
  • It’s here! Find your Asian, Brazilian, Indian, and European twins with AI! Learn about Gradient’s revolutionary new technology!

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