Frolomuse MP3 Player v7.3.2-R APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Frolomuse MP3 Player Mod Apk
App Versionv7.3.2
App Size17mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated11,Feb,2024

Frolomuse provides listeners with a vast and diverse amount of music from many different sources. Especially, the latest music that has just been released is always popularized quickly, giving listeners great utilities without creating barriers to limit the user’s experience. Along with a variety of customizable features for use in addition to the usual music playback function. Join the live music world that the application brings to experience the best features along with outstanding advantages to make your moments of music enjoyment more complete.


A great music player is indispensable for a large amount of music to meet the music listening needs of users. The great thing is that the application gives you a lot of different music and gives you the latest music as soon as possible. The provision of music from various official sources allows the application to provide users with a huge amount of music along with breakneck update speed, allowing users to access many different genres of music and new music trends in the shortest time.


The application interface is a problem worth mentioning because this interface can be customized in many different ways to suit individual preferences. Still, even if you do not adjust, the application will default to provide you with a fantastic interface with a friendly main color gamut and a beautifully simple design. Giving users a simple interface is not only not boring but also brings other great benefits such as making it easier for users to use the application, creating a complete focus for the user in experiencing music,… and much more.

You can easily choose your favorite music and create a personal playlist to listen to over and over again quickly. The application brings great, home-friendly experiences for you to use and brings the most relaxing and peaceful moments. Download the app to experience the best timeless music today.


The application allows you to customize many things from sound quality, interface, playback sequence, and always ready to meet all personal needs from users. You can use these customizations to tweak a lot of things during your usage to make the app more suitable for you and, above all, to enhance your experience of using the app. An application that allows users to customize a lot of functions is extremely attractive and has the ability to create satisfaction in the use of users. Join the app’s endless music experience to make it your own fantastic music gadget.


In the process of using the application, you can create an account to be able to personalize each track to your playlist. You can arrange music to suit your experience needs through music playlists when the music is now classified to suit the choice of genre or the need for playlists. The app not only gives you a great musical experience but also gives you much-needed personalization. You can now get the app and download it entirely for free on various platforms, allowing the app to reach as wide an audience as possible, providing the ultimate user experience.


As mentioned above, the application provides users with fully licensed and copyrighted quality music from a variety of sources. Allows users to experience the quality of music fully as well as be more assured of the quality of music during their experience when the music you are listening to is played with the highest quality coming from the original sound and copyrights are provided in full. With such great features as above, the application is entirely worthy for you to download and experience the great things it brings to you.


  • Fully personalizing your musical experience allows you to create your own personal experience.
  • Licensed music with excellent original sound quality optimizes the user’s music listening.
  • The sound quality is superb and imbued with life, from the little details to the big things.
  • New music is constantly updated and brought to users as soon as possible.
  • Numerous customizations give you the necessary adjustments to your experience.

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