DevCheck v4.42 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

App NameDevCheck Mod Apk
App Versionv4.42
App Size14mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated07,Jan,2023

DevCheck Hardware and System Info is an application that can give its users basic information about their devices quickly. If you have questions regarding the detailed parameters of the device you are using, this will be an application. With this application, users will be scanned data by the system to collect parameters and send them to them in the best way.


The first thing to pay attention to for users who really care about their device will definitely be the central control system because the central control system of a mobile device seems to be the most important brain to be able to control all the rest. With DevCheck, users will be able to real-time monitor CPU and GPU frequencies and other related parameters like temperature, uptime, and more.


In addition to the central control panel that will be the main brain, your device will include other components to form a complete version. And with all other features in your device, such as memory, storage, Bluetooth, etc., will all be considered the basic hardware of the phone. To best test your device’s hardware, the application will help you to know the chip names and manufacturers, architecture, processor cores, big, etc.


If you already know the detailed hardware parameters of the application, then surely knowing the system parameters will be an essential thing. In order for your device to function at its best, all the small parts of the system will also have to be in good working order. With the application, you will be able to easily get information about the bootloader, radio, serial number, device id Android version entirely quickly.


One of the most significant concerns users have for their devices will always be the battery’s health. Users always want to know how the battery’s condition is so that they can adjust their daily usage time. Now, your needs will be able to be satisfied straightforwardly with the parameters of battery status, temperature, level, voltage, which will all be measured and detailed statistics.


With a device to be able to serve its users best, applications will play a significant role. But if you don’t regularly monitor which apps work with your device, that’s a concern. Don’t worry too much, as DevCheck will be able to help you with insights and manage all your apps running on the device.


Finally, the camera will be a significant part of today’s phones. Users of today’s mobile devices all want that their device will have the best camera quality to be able to take great photos. Then the application will be able to help you know about the specifications such as resolution (megapixels), sensor size, pixel size for both front and rear cameras.


  • The application provides the user with all the necessary parameters that a phone or tablet has.
  • Parameters about the center console will be the most critical parameters affecting the device’s power.
  • The most basic information about the hardware as well as the system of the device you are using will be listed in detail.
  • The necessary hardware that users are always interested in, such as front, rear camera, or battery, will be counted.
  • Extremely accurate measurement of other parts such as applications, sensors, or the device’s network.

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