Deezer Music v8.0.0.18 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Deezer Music Mod Apk
App Versionv8.0.0.18
App Size43mb
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated12,Feb,2024

Deezer is a great music streaming platform with tons of genres, categories, and new talents to diversify users’ music discovery. In addition, it can help people search for any song through its built-in recording function while providing accurate and reliable results. Additional content such as podcasts is also great for users to immerse in many refreshing and satisfying moments.


Deezer’s music library has a large scale of more than 70 million songs available in the system, even continuously updated every day always to refresh the user’s choice. All content is neatly organized and categorized into many separate categories, such as by genre, ranking, and most listened to. The library will also integrate more search support tools for users to shorten the search scope for many types of content.


Podcast channels are gaining popularity recently as their content is always engaging and suitable for different age groups. Although it has a distinct character from music, the application still has a separate category for users to search and listen to any podcast they love. Of course, every podcast channel is divided into many separate genres, helping users’ search content stay focused and in a certain direction instead of searching for an overview.


Playlists are the hallmarks of Deezer as they wander and randomly come to the user through recommended categories. These playlists are all curated by other users and are also a great way to share their musical tastes or find people with similar interests. The users have no limit to creating playlists and naming them; the publicity and recommendation system leads it to the people with the same taste.


The app uses streaming as its core to bring people high-quality songs or podcast episodes. Fortunately, users can freely customize them for even more exciting discoveries, including downloading their favorite content for convenient offline listening anytime, anywhere. Besides streaming, the application also supports connecting to Bluetooth devices for a better user experience when listening in a closed environment and more.


Lyrics is supplemental content that Deezer recently introduced for users to start singing along or learning by heart. The lyrics are carefully designed and match the song’s melody, helping users have better performance in singing along with the lyrics instead of faltering and not creating a full voice. The nice thing is that the app can run the lyric in the background or in different locations to make it more comfortable for people to sing along at any time.


In addition to the features mentioned above, the application will integrate a song detector for users to search for content through audio. That function uses a flexible and sophisticated AI that instantly detects or provides relevant results when recognizing a melody or lyric from songs. Of course, users can use their voice along with the lyric to search for the corresponding song instead of listening to the whole tune.

Deezer is a versatile and intelligent music player that few other contents can match because of the versatility and convenience it brings to every user. It also has extensive and elite customization that promises to give everyone the best experience when listening to high-quality songs or the most engaging podcast ever.

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