1DM+ v15.9 APK (Patched)

App Name1DM+ Mod Apk
App VersionV15.9
App Size27MB
PlayStore Google Play
Last Updated08,Dec,2022

If you are looking for a powerful downloader, then try downloading this 1DM to your phone. It’s the fastest and most advanced download manager available today with Torrent download support. This application will help you to download videos, audios or browsers up to 500% faster than normal downloads and it will stop running background services to increase your battery life. You will be able to download the videos to your phone in HD quality or you can convert the video to mp4.


In this paid version, users will use the Search Settings menu option in the main screen of Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader to search for the installation options you want and edit the settings. The first improvement of the application is to block ads from websites to avoid annoying users. Next, the application has enabled a number of ad-blocking filter sources to remove ads better and provide a better experience for users.

In addition, the application also supports downloading Mega files and folders so that users can download their documents more simply and easily. If you want an advanced installation of browsers, you can view the application’s URL to learn more about the installation steps before doing so.


As mentioned above, ads have been blocked in Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader. User can download Torrent files simpler and easier by foot link, Torrent URL or Torrent file on their device with faster speed than usual. Besides, users can also install light and dark themes for the application according to their wishes. The app supports various languages ​​including Chinese, Czech, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and many more are also supported.

You can download videos, files, browsing directly to your SD card for longer storage and support other live TV streaming sites. In particular, you can also hide downloaded files so that others can’t see if it’s an important document that you need to keep. Another smart download option to download files when you copy the downloadable links to the clipboard and include the link in the app for simpler downloads.


When downloading Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader to your phone, you must register a username to use and the application will save the password for automatic login. In addition, your downloading of videos and audio from websites will be password protected to ensure the security of your account. If you have not finished loading the browser but are busy with work, you can pause and resume when you want with the application’s support links.

Moreover, your download will not be stopped if the application is closed and supports downloading via Wifi. If your file lost any data, the application can intelligently and quickly handle these errors. You can import download links from a text file and export download links to your phone. In particular, you can also share downloaded files with your friends or loved ones simply through the sharing feature of the application. You will receive notification sounds and phone vibrations when the download is complete and support downloading formats such as archives, music, videos, programs, and more.


In addition to the above basic features, the application also adds advanced features for users. You can get up to 30 downloads at a time, but the download speed is still fast. You can download multiple parts and up to 32 parts concurrently per download and proxy support for users. The download speed of the app can also be limited with a speed limiter to change the download speed to your liking. You can refresh expired links using the browsers available for download.

Integrated web browser with support for multiple tabs, history and bookmarks to review downloaded links and save downloads. The app also adds incognito browsing for everyone and downloading files by automatically linking videos from your favorite websites. To be able to access and download in the application, users need to use Internet and large memory to store.

Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader is an application to download files, torrents, browsers, videos, music with fast speed and HD quality. You will be able to secure the files that you have downloaded with a user password. In addition, the usage is very simple and the interface is detailed so that users can observe the downloaded capacity. You can download multiple links simultaneously with up to 30 downloads.

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