Trick to Watch 3d Video in Normal Pc, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet Online

Hey guys So , After Sharing Lots of Technology tricks and Tips, Today we will share how to enjoy 3d video effects in Any Normal pc , Laptop , Mobile or tablets. Watch 3d Movies , Play 3d games , Watch 3d Videos in Your normal Laptop by Stereoscopic Player. Now for watching 3d videos you don’t need to spent money on purchasing 3d screen or Going to Theaters You can easily watch 3d videos at your home by Following our below simple steps.



What is different in normal video and 3d video, In 3d video we can also see back part Clearly so we get more enjoy in watching videos , movies etc. Actually it’s doesn’t matter which screen you are using its depend on 3d glasses and video file, So the best part of this trick is you can watch on Your mobile and tablet also just you have to wear 3d glasses and Follow below Steps to watch 3d videoin your normal screen.

Requirements To Watch 3d Video In Laptop

  • Firstly you need Laptop or pc or Android mobile.
  • 3d Videos , You can watch from youtube also or Download Sample 3d video.
  • Red Cyan 3d glass if You don’t have , Purchase From Amazon |at Just Rs. 116.
  • Stereoscopic Player for Pc only [ Download 3d Video Player ]


How To Watch 3d Video In Our Normal Screen

  1. You can watch 3d videos without any software by Opening This youtube Link in your mobile , tablet , pc.
  2. Or if you have Downloaded sbs 3d video then Follow Below steps to Watch in 3d effects.
  3. Install and Open stereoscopic Player.
  4. Click on Left Corner Menu and browse video file.
  5. Select your 3d video file.
  6. Now wear 3d glass.
  7. Done ! You will see 3d effects.

How To Convert Any Video In 3d Video

If you have 2d video or normal video then you can convert in 3d video by Xilisoft 3d video converter software then follow above steps to watch converted 3d video.

In this way , You can enjoy 3d effects in your normal laptop and pc screen. This all are depend on 3d glasses, I personally tested this trick and enjoying many videos in 3d effects in my laptop and mobile. You will get fully 3d theater experience by Above methods. If you don’t have 3d videos then Search From this Youtube 3d video search link. Share it with your friends by clicking below social icon and support our blog to earn some revenue to maintain our blog by new tips and tricks if you get any problem then free to comment here we will help you soon.

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