Top10 Best Android Launchers for Customization Lovers

Hey folks, today it’s time to share the some of best launcher for android 2016.  We are listing some of best android apps for customization 2016 by which you can completely change your android smartphone and tablet’s interior look and user interface. Without these cool android launchers, you’re not able to make most out of your smartphone.


Here i’ve included hand-picked 25 best launcher for android which fits perfectly and works great in almost all the android phones without any hassle. You can also read my recent post about root android without the computer to take your smartphone customization to the next level by employing root access required apps to get your work done. (Root apps).


What are Android launchers?

Android launchers are nothing but normal apps which can be used for customizing your home screen, Icons and user interface (UI). With the help of the android launchers, you can change your android phone interior design. Overall Android launchers help you to take control over your smartphone’s customizing department.

1. Nokia Z Launcher

Nokia Z

Nokia’s own Z launcher is another one that helps you get to your most used-apps and sites more quickly. By learning your habits and taking into account your location and the time of day, the Z Launcher will surface what it believes to be the most appropriate items. Plus, the more you use it, the better it gets, as the app learns more about your habits over time.

Another neat trick lets you get to an app faster by simply drawing the first letter of its name in order to produce a narrow list of results. And the more often you use a certain app, the Z Launcher will remember. It also has a pleasingly simple, unobtrusive interface, with apps arranged in a neat line.


2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova and Apex (below) are the two standout Android launchers – both strike an excellent balance between having enough features to customise things, without bogging you down with unfeasibly long options lists and 17 levels of sub-menu hell.

Nova’s arguably the better of the two, with a few more options available in the free version (there is also a Prime version), and slightly better performance – but really, we’re splitting tiny Android hairs trying to find a difference between the two.



3. Go Launcher Ex:

Now as we think about some of the best android launchers 2016, then one can never forget about the Go Launcher Ex. This is one of the popular in most of the android tablets and phones.

go launcher ex

Various features such as:

  • Fully customized grid
  • Flat set of icons
  • Attractive and easy to use transition

which makes it one of the best and commonly used launcher for android mobile.


4. Launcher 8 Free:

If you are one of the individuals who get quite fascinated with the design and features of the Windows 8 phone, then there is no doubt that this phone is perfect for you.

android launchers

The Launcher 8 Free is one of the best android launcher and it can simply convert your Android phone into a Windows 8 phone. Basically, the launcher application has got various customization options which can easily help in converting the android phone to a good Window 8 phone.



5. Dodol Launcher:




The best thing about using the Dodol android launcher is that it is quite fast, simple and a fully customized launcher that you can easily get from the market. It is simply a great artwork as it can bring about a great amount of advantage to your phone.



6. Smart Launcher 3:


smart launcher


The Smart Launcher is one of the best launcher for android in 2016 that is available in the online market. It is an innovative launcher which has got extensive features, minimal design, lowest requirements, etc.



7. Google Now – Android Launchers 2016:


best android home launcher

There are a lot of interactive features of this so called launcher and it does consist of Google Now integration, voice commands, and lastly the easy means to access the Google items. Currently, the given app lacks in some of the best customization features, however developers feel that there can be a great amount of customization and features which can give a lot of updates.



8. Yahoo Aviate Launcher:


Yahoo Aviate Launcher ScreenshotYahoo Aviate Launcher ScreenshotYahoo Aviate Launcher ScreenshotYahoo Aviate Launcher ScreenshotYahoo Aviate Launcher Screenshot


This application is one of the best android launchers. It automatically organizes the application and information which helps you save time and also facilitates quick search for your daily needs. It is abeautifully designed launcher app with very smart features. The home screen forestalls the information and applications basis of the usage and the usage habits.

Features Yahoo Aviate Android Launcher:

  • Simple & beautiful navigation: It is a clutter free app with a very seamless navigation screen which has faster and efficient interactions
  • Smart Stream: This feature gives an intelligent stream of all your useful cards on the left of the home screen, which includes upcoming events, sports scores, battery saver, nearby attraction etc.
  • Organized: It organizes your applications by function and also lets you decide which ones to see
  • Gorgeous: To make the appearance more beautiful it has a collection of multiple wallpapers from which it lets you chose making your own style statement



9. Action Launcher:


action launcher

One of the best launcher for android for 2016 is the Action Launcher. Basic standout feature of this tool like Covers, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Shutters, etc which can simply assist in providing ample access to your required application in a single click. In addition like other kinds of the best launcher for android platform, the Action the best android launcher provides Quicksearch feature which makes it simple and easy to search for most of your favorite contents like music, apps, contacts, and that too directly from the given bar (action bar).

Basically, the flat icons would make the Action best android home launcher’s home screen quite attractive and charismatic. So, in case if you are looking out for the the best android launcher 2016 of your Android tablet and phone, then the Action Launcher is one of the best thing you need to try.



10. APEX Launcher:


apex best launcher for android

In addition, there are other handy and awesome features of this android launcher:

  • Scroll-able docks
  • Unlimited scrolling
  • Interactive and customizable icons
  • Appealing transitional features
  • Awesome customized icons

Unlike the various other kinds of best launcher for android, it simply provides a great amount of control of the gestures which is simply fun and great to use.



We hope you like our list of best android launchers 2016. We regularly update this list and if you like then you can share it with your friends. Use below given social media sharing options to share this best android home launcher.

Enjoy 🙂


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