Top 10 Lightweight Android Games Under 50MB

Hey Guyz Here I have picked up 10 awesome and my favorite light weight android games. So, Hold your breath and check out the awesome list now. You can download any game you want, most of these are free on google play.

1. Clash of Clans

download clash of clans for windows computer

At first, this list was of top 5 games, then it became top 9 and now top 10. Anyhow the Most awesome lightweight android game to have is Clash of Clans.

It’s a real time strategy android game with really awesome graphic and anybody will love to play this on their android devices.

2. Cut the Rope 2

You may heard about cut the rope. Cut The Rope 2 is its next version which is available as free download in the Google play store. The new version has some design changes which has make it more awesome. The game is all about cutting ropes using your tricks (using your brain) and you have to feed the candy to frog and try to grab stars. Cut the rope 2 is of less than 30MB in size.


3. 3D Chess Game

3D Chess GameWe all know about chess, the game where you have to think a lot in order to win. Anyhow, there are tons of chess games available on the play store, but this in the best chess game for android. The size of the 3D Chess game is 6.9MB and you can download it for your android from here.


4. Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of Duty Heroes is an awesome game to have in your android phone. Basically it’s an arcade type online game. Call of Duty Heroes is free to download from Google play but you need an working internet connection for playing it.

But as today many of us has full time internet so it’s not a problem at all. This is a war game here you will have your own base .there you can train your soldiers and you have to dominate your enemies in battles to win the game. It’s only 44MB in size.

5. NinJump

NinJumpNinJump is a cool android game, in this game you need to climb as high as you can and avoid the evil squirrels, dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars, exploding bombs & more! You should try this game, it’s pretty awesome. The game is size varies with different devices. You can Download NinJump from here.

6. Temple Run 2

Temple 2 is nothing but an awesome endless running game. All you need to do is running and jumping (when need) and other exiting things to save your character from the bigger monkey by passing obstacles. This game is available as free download on the Google play store so that everybody can download it for free.

The main goal of this game is to run more and more and earn more points and unlock new powers and characters using it.Temple run 2 is only 44MB in size .I think that Temple Run 2 is worth to download due to its unique gaming experience.


7. Does not Commute

Does not CommuteDoes not commute is a motor racing game for your Android device. You have to drive many vehicles in this game and do some other things in order to win. You win get info on the screen about your task and you need to complete that. The game is sized at 44MB, and you can check the official Google play store page for this game from here.

8. Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving android game imageDr. Driving is a pretty extra-ordinary racing game, it is made for the driving lovers and game lovers. The entire game is about many different challenges. Every time when you clear a challenge you level up and whenever you level up you gate some coins which can be used for buying new vehicles. When it comes about the size of the game – it’s only 10MB in size, which makes it superb easy to download even in a slow internet connection.


9. ZigZag

ZigZag GameZigZag is a popular android game. According to some people, it’s among the top few android games. You will get some balls and you have roll them in the zigzag ground and keep moving, It’s pretty fun to play. The game has a size of 17MB. You can check the ZigZag game on Google play.

10. Subway Surfers

Subway surfer game doesn’t need any introduction: this is very popular .like the template run 2, subway surfers is also a popular endless running game for Android Devices. The developers are updating the game according to the famous cities of the world, so the game is becoming more famous all over the world. The game is all about running as much as can without getting caught by the officer. Subway surfers is only 38MB in size.

So guyz those were top 10 android games under 50 mb

Enjoy 🙂


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