Top 10 Best offline multiplayer Android Games⁠⁠⁠⁠

Here are some of the 10 Best offline multiplayer games that you can play with live competitor



mini militia is all about combat. With having to 6 players online or using the local wi-fi, you can train with the Sarge and grind your skills in offline setting. You can also train in various survival modes. As for the weapon, multitude of weapon such as the sniper, shotgun and flamethrower are the different items to choose from.
Other unique features are its settings particularly with its multiplayer and single player options. More importantly, it is not that heavy and easy to install. It only requires 42 MB of space, can be played with up to 6 people, and even utilizes Google plus. And for those that save on data, it is not that consuming. this game is one of the Best offline multiplayer Android Games



Chain reaction is one of the coolest game played by maximum Android users this game can be played with 8 people max at once but you need to play on single phone. This game has gone so craze in maximum of the smartphone users that some people play Chain reaction with bet/money. This game is very simple you just need to place the colorful dots across the screen and defeat your competitor by eating their dots.this game is one of the Best offline multiplayer Android Games



This game is also one of the best rated and best game for android. With this app you can turn two android phone to shooting game or retro style spaceships, this game can be played with Wi-Fi or bluetooth, but the thing is you will need to have good battery  life.



This game is little similar to  Bomberman. You need to take the bomb from air and throw it to the opponents area you can also increase our destruction power by eye out to item drops through out the level. Best offline multiplayer Android Games…



This game is similar to the classic and old snake game that we play i n black and white mobile. In this game you need to draw line across the screen but you should not touch the opponents line. Game is one of the Best offline multiplayer Android Games…



This game is based on a story where you need to successfully complete an intergalatic fight. This game is brain cracking and very good for your brain exercise.

The game Micro Battles is one of the easiest game. This game is a mini game, you only need to press one button to play this game, there will be many levels unlocked after completing the present level.



This game is a multiplayer game but played on a single phone. In this game you and your opponent will given a task and will be judged who complete the task faster



This game is very interesting to play with your mates or family members. You will need only one device having good battery life, This is like hockey game so the game name is given as Air Glow Hockey.



This game is the most popular in Android Phone, in this game you will have to play with skills and all about timing and tapping. This game is one of the most famous game for offline multiplayer game for Android.

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