How To Improve Battery life of any android device using Greenify App

Greenify is unlike the rest of the apps on this list, in that it is more similar to a glorified task killer than a battery manager. However, Greenify can actually help you generate massive battery saving, by keeping a check on greedy apps that take up too much of your system resources.Greenify originally needed Root access for most of its features to work, but with the recent versions, even non-rooted phones can use Greenify to increase performance.

To use Greenify after installation, just select any app that is a resource-hog, and ‘Greenify’ it.  Greenify limits apps when they are running in the background, but still lets them perform normally when you start using them. This also beats Freezing or Disabling useless apps which you do not want to delete.



How to Use Greenify

To select apps that should be “greenified”, simply launch the app, press “+” and choose the apps. Greenify will show you all the apps that are scheduled to run in the future as well as apps that will slow down your device. It’s not possible to greenify system apps with the free version of the app, but with the paid donation version.


. List of Best Apps to Greenify

Google Maps



Google Search

Google Text-to-Speech ‘

Google book

Google Hangouts

Google Chrome

any Kind of Games

and much more, depend on you which kinda apps you have installed.


Note 1 : Putting the apps on hibernation mode will remove the notification of every particular app until you don’t open them. You can download donate version to get access of features like “don’t remove notification” You can also enable greenify auto hibernation mode so that greenify will put all the apps on hibernation after sleeping. I can assure that you are going to get awesome battery backup after using greenify.


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