How To Play PSP Games On Android

Hey Reader So PSP is a very popular portable console in children’s and youngsters. Every kid wants to have a PSP in their pocket. Because it’s very compact PlayStation one can have. We can take it everywhere, we can play our favorite games. PSP console features not just end on the games it has many features like music, surf the internet, watching movies and many other things. But time has changed now our android and iPhone mobile are enough powerful to become the next PSP.

Some of us wanted to have a PSP but that time we were a kid and didn’t have money in pocket to buy a PSP. Now we have money but we don’t have the mood to spend money on PSP. Because we think it has limited features because our mobile has more features than a PSP. all because of Android and IOS powerful devices which just changed the whole experience of mobile.

Ppsspp is the best psp emulator for android and ios to play psp games. 18mb software available in two versions. One is ppsspp and other one ppsspp gold. Ppsspp gold will cost you about 349 INR. But features are mostly same in both the version. When you install ppsspp it will not come with any psp game for android. You have to download psp games from other sites.

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How to run psp games on android using ppsspp (psp emulator).


  • All you need is an android phone or a tablet (it will be great if you have a good configuration device).
  • Download ppsspp (psp emulator from Google play store). Go to Google play store. You can directly go to play store from the link given below.
  • Once you have downloaded the ppsspp (psp emulator) your device is ready to run psp games.
  • Download iso file of psp game you would like to play from torrent or any other site to your computer.
  • Transfer the iso file to your phone. Paste the file in game directory of psp folder.
  • Now open the ppsspp (psp emulator) you will see the game icon there.
  • Just click on the game icon and start playing.

Some of the top listed games for PPSSPP :

– Dragon Ball Z
– Burnout Legends
– Final Fantasy
– Soul Calibur
– Tekken 6/Dark Resurrection


Note :

1) You cannot run all the games because the compatibility of running the games is depend on the power of your android device
2) You can even play other games, but for this your have to dump your PSP games and then convert them into ISO/CSO to run it on your android device
3) You will need android version 2.3 and up to run the PSP games on your android.

Enjoy  🙂

I hope after going through this post you can play psp games in your android devices. If you still feel any problem do tell us in the comment box below.

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