How to Increase Ram Using Roehsoft Ram Expander app

Your Android device most likely came with 16GB of storage, but it’s the RAM that really affects what you can do with it. Most high-end Android devices ship with 2GB or more of RAM, but some cheaper devices might have only 1GB of RAM or even 512MB in some cases.

Why Do You Need More RAM?

The importance of additional RAM cannot be overstated. While more storage space gives you more photos, more MP3s, or more video clips, additional RAM helps the processor to work more quickly, thereby aiding in the playback (or even creation) of such files.

Various tricks exist to increase usable RAM on your Android device by “cleaning up”. We’ll assume you’ve already tried them and look here at how you can actually physically increase available RAM..

Below, is the Easy and Step by step tutorial for increase ram in any android phone, with the help of this Simple roehsoft ram expander app.

At First, Download the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP) app.

1.Now Launch ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app & GrantRoot Permissions to the app normally. if your phone is not rooted, then it will show you error message. so root is must. after give it root permission, now proceed to next steps.

2.From there Just Click on “Swap Activ” Button It will show you Some storage devices, you have to select your memory card from this list. which will be also known as sdcard0 in my case. so after select your memory card, proceed to next steps, after choosing your memory card, Now click on “Swap Activ” button again.

3.Follow on Screen Instructions for Create Swap file of your Choice, Minimum512 Mb Swapping Memory Is Recommended. so, now it will start creating 512 mb swap file in your memory card. it will take some time, depend on your memory card’s performance.

4.Now It will take some time to Create Swapping file, depend on your Phone & Memory Card’s Speed, Choose a Higher class memory card will be better, minimum class 4 memory card is recommended for use this app.
After Create Swap File successfully, Click on “SwapActiv” Button & you are done !!

5.Now Run any heavy apps in your phone & Try to play some heavy games, you will also feel the difference, however, it will not show you ram increased in Settings – Apps – Running Tasks, because It’s Swapping memory which is taking place of ram for run heavy games or Software & boost your Performance

Enjoy 🙂

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