How to get Google Assistant on any Android smartphone


How To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Phone ?

Hey guys today i’m back with another tutorial .In this Tutorial i will show you How to get Google Assistant on any Android  smartphone So far we have had a number of guides towards showing you how to enable Google Assistant on a number of Android devices and with that, many users were able to install Google Assistant on their respective devices running on Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat. google assistant without root .Now the thing is that, many other users faced issues while activating Google Assistant on their devices even though they tried every process accordingly. So if you too face the same problem, let’s tell you How to Activate Google Assistant on any device running Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat.

How to get Google Assistant on any Android smartphone

You might be still lingering about when you will be getting the update, but not anymore as we will tell you How to Activate Google Assistant on any device running Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat. But first, we require you to update the two apps in your Android Device- the “Google” app and the “Google Play Services” app. If you don’t have the recent versions yet, head over to the Google Play Store and update the said apps right away.

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When Google first launched their flagship phones for 2016 – the Pixel, and Pixel XL – one of their many USPs, was the brand new Google Assistant. The new,google assistant without root AI powered virtual assistant from Google was an instant hit, with its excellent recognition skills, and answers to almost everything. Google Assistant easily beat Siri, and Hound. However, Google did not push the Assistant to any other Android devices (even the ones running Android 7.0 Nougat). You can now officially get the Google Assistant in any Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above:


Step By Step Guide To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Phone


  1. First Of All Just Click Here To Go To Google App Beta Tester Program .
  2. Open and Click On “Become a Tester
  3. After that simply head over To This page Click Here To Go To Google Play Services Beta Tester Program.
  4. Open and Click On “Become a Tester
  5. Now The process starts from here
  6. Time to download Google Play Services Beta App Click Here To Download
  7. Now You Have To Download Google App Beta version.
  8. Note:- Every phone Has Different Specs In Respect To Armeabi Version . Below Is The Pucture Of Google App Beta Versions .
  9. There are three different Processor for Google App Beta version, to check which Google App Beta version works for your phone simply download This Hardware Info App Click Here
  10. Open and tap on Processor and note down your Processor as shown.
  11. Check your phone android version in Hardware info app and note it down
  12. Simply download below files from given link as per your processors ARMv7ARM64, or x86 and android version
  13. Select Your Version From The List And Click Here To Go To Download Page And Download App .
  14. After Downloading The Google App beta version. Simply head over To Settings –> Input And Languages –> Select Language English United States                        (For Redmi Phones Select Additional Settings –> Language –> English United States )
  15. Now Install Both The App Of Google Play Services And Google Beta .
  16. Now Go To Settings –> App –> Google App –> Manage Space –> Clear All Data .
  17. Make Sure Both The App Are Installed . If You Encounter An Error Of App Not Installed In The Way Then Change The Version Of Google App From The List.
  18. Note : If Any Other Error Then Make Sure You Are Part Of Beta Program By Going To Play Store –> My Apps And Games –> Beta .Here You Must See Both Google Apps .
  19. Now Reboot Your Phone .
  20. Now After Rebooting Long Press Home Button And You Got Google Assistant .
  21. Enjoy Your Google Virtual Voice Assistant.

Thats it, Hope you like the tutorial


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